Svara Update


I’ve had a severe lack of Svara updates on my blog lately! But most of my day is made up of watching, teaching, being with, and caring for this silly girl:

So here are a few photos showing what we’ve been up to lately.

I love Svara’s creativity.  A few weeks ago I was clearing out the office and Svara took this box.  She decided it was her car and she even drew a steering wheel on the front top panel and windows on the sides.

Here she is pretending to drive.

Svara has a bike! We’ve been wanting to get her a proper bike for a long time and we finally managed to.  As a bonus it’s PINK and has a basket!  She insisted on a bike helmet and knee/elbow guards, that’s my safety girl!

Svara still loves helping in the kitchen. Here we were making pizzas, one of her favorites, and I left the kitchen for a few minutes while she was putting her toppings on.  I came back in and she asked if she had enough olives or if she needed more.  LOL  That girl LOVES olives!

Svara is not as picky as she was a couple years ago and her repertoire of foods that she will readily eat has expanded.  When she turned four she was much more open to reason and she will now try new things.  Sometimes she doesn’t like them and sometimes she does, but she always tries.  One of her new favorites is four angle beans (also called winged beans).  Like all her steamed veggies she prefers them with salad dressing on them (homemade with olive oil and apple cider vinegar).  She loves them so much that she makes sure to serve herself LOTS so that Naren and myself won’t eat too many!

At four and a half Svara is showing some interest in learning to read.  She can read a few words and is learning how to sound out three letter words as well.  I’m not following a very strict schedule yet, but each day we spend some time doing academic activities.


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