Garden Update – March


Once again I’ve gone for several months without posting!  I was getting so good at posting more regularly, too.. but sometimes life gets in the way, and I had to cut back on some activities for a few months.  So blogging went by the wayside for awhile.  But I’m back and will hopefully get back on track posting more often!

I took photos of my “garden” on March 22nd, so I thought I’d share those first.   I was SO excited to go out to my garden and find this one morning:

isn’t that a beauty? I just love a red ripe tomato!!

yum yum yum!  This was the second ripe tomato from the plant.  We’ve had a few more since then and there are new tomatoes growing.  I’m planning on growing another tomato plant so we can have even more tomatoes.

The four angled beans are doing quite well.  They grew up the wall and are spreading here in the corner.  It’s been a month since this photo was taken and it’s a lot bigger now!  But…. still no flowers yet 😦  I see flower buds, but they are not opening yet.  Hopefully soon!

One more photo to share for today.  In this pot I threw some lime seeds, you can see the little lime trees growing (they are the shorter ones).  The taller plants are from some roselle seeds I tossed into the pot.  I actually didn’t think they’d grow!  From what I read you have t let the seeds mature on the plant if you want to grow more roselle plants.  I bought some organic roselle fruits in the store and threw most of the seed pods into the compost, but one pod I put in this pot just to see what would happen.  And there are about five roselle plants growing now!!  They are a lot taller than this now and are even getting the little roselle fruits (well, actually the “fruit” is part of the flower I guess, it’s kind of confusing).  But anyway, I’m excited and looking forward to making some roselle juice from my very own roselles!!


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