Family Vacation

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It has been more than a year since we had been on any sort of family vacation, and we were mentally very ready for one!  Due to many reasons we had to keep delaying it until I was already 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. Not the ideal time to go on vacation!  But we had to make do, so we decided to go to Genting Highlands.  For those of you not familiar with Malaysia, it’s a mountain (not sure if it’s technically a mountain) not too far from the city.  It gets quite cool up there compared to in the city, so it’s a nice retreat from the city heat.  We decided to go up there for two nights and three days.  We chose Genting because:

1. It’s close to the city, just in case we had to get to the hospital

2. It’s nice and cool – being so big and pregnant, I had ENOUGH of the heat!

3. They have a theme park that we thought Svara is finally old enough to enjoy


We decided to stay at the Awana resort which is a bit south from the loud and busy resort/theme park at the top of Genting Highlands.  It is quieter here and there is more greenery outside to enjoy.  Svara jumped right into the cozy bed!



Here is our balcony, and a rare pregnancy photo of me! The grey you see in the background is clouds!  I was so happy to feel a bit chilly!


One of Svara’s favorite activities when we stay in hotels is to take a bath since we don’t have a bathtub at our house, so she took advantage of this the first evening there:


The first evening we went to the Chinese Temple which has a vegetarian restaurant in it.  The food was good and we enjoyed seeing all the statues aftwerwards.

Svara doing one of her “fashion poses”

Svara had been dying to try our new camera, so we let her take a photo of us.  A bit out of focus, but at least our heads aren’t chopped off!


After dinner we drove back to the hotel.  The weather was beautiful so we stayed downstairs at the outdoor cafe and enjoyed a couple pieces of cake.  A rare treat for Svara, you can see she was pretty excited about it!


The next day was our one full day, and it was a busy one!  We went up to the top of Genting Highlands in the cable car:


Once we go to the top we had to walk quite a ways to find the theme park.  I think we ended up taking the wrong cable car ride which led to a longer walk, but oh well.  We got our wristbands and spent the next several hours walking around the theme park.  Naren went on most rides with Svara.  I went on a couple that were safe for me, but for the most part I just sat on benches whenever I could!  Svara loved this huge carousel:


This was her first time trying rides and she had a blast!


Here is a ride I went on.  It was supposed to be a spooky sort of tunnel ride.  Svara really enjoyed saying “spooooooooky”

Time for me to sit down on a bench while Svara played!  She liked this monkey bars because it was low enough that she could reach her feet on the ground if she needed to.  But she didn’t need to, she swung all the way from one end to the other without touching the ground!


We went to have some lunch and then we went back into the park to do some more walking.  We saw this dinosaur world so we had to go check it out.


They had moving statues of several dinosaurs which Svara had fun looking at.  The misty clouds add to the effect!

We lucked out that it was nice and cool, but didn’t rain this day!


By the end of the afternoon I was DONE!  I was not used to walking around for hours on end and was carrying so much extra weight that I felt like I couldn’t walk another step.  We had a nice dinner at the hotel and then went up to our room.  Svara watched some cartoons and Naren brought up some more cake from the cafe downstairs.

The next morning I still felt so tired out!  We enjoyed a buffet breakfast and Svara spent some time swimming in the pool.  Naren enjoyed some archery for the first time while I sat by the pool watching Svara.  Then it was time for one last bubble bath in the hotel room and we packed up.  On the way down the mountain we stopped by the strawberry farm.  I don’t have any pictures because our camera died and I hadn’t brought the charger 😛   We picked a few strawberries, took a LOOOOONG walk through the rest of the strawberry “park” which was just a maze of little shops.  I was SO done with walking and NOT very happy with the way they had set up that “park”.  I had hoped to do some more activities that day, but my body had other ideas so we headed home.
It was nice to have one last family vacation with just the three of us.  Hopefully in a few months we can venture out again.  Svara is hoping for the beach!


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