Two Different Births and Hopes for the Next


I could have included this in my last post about my birth story, but I think it deserves it’s own post. I have had two very different births and two very different recoveries.

For Svara’s birth I went to the hospital too soon and was sent back home. I went back the next day and wbut admitted, but looking back it was still too soon. I was so excited, though! Of course the excitement starts to wear thin when labor is long and you are tired from hardly any sleep in two days. I ended up with a little meconium in the water which led to pitocin, which led to pethidine and an epidural, which led to a vacuum assisted birth.    After the birth I was completely exhausted. They brought Svara to me to nurse her. But she was tired as well, we just couldn’t manage it. I was too tired to care. They brought me to my room and I fell asleep. I would wake up every once in awhile and ask where Svara was. They finally brought her to me. I tried breastfeeding again but it was difficult. They brought me a nipple shield and I ended up using that for the next couple of weeks. I stayed in the hospital for two nights. I did not feel like going home yet, but Naren was very anxious to so we did. I was very tearful for the next couple of weeks. Depressed and cried about a lot of little things. Breastfeeding was up and down. I hated using the shield, but had to sometimes.  My nipples were very painful and sometimes I would pump and give a bottle.  I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t even sit. I thought it was my stitches, but at my 5 day checkup the doctor said they were healing well. At 10 days postpartum I was hospitalized for secondary hemorrhaging. That explained the pain I was in and why I couldn’t sit or walk! It was another week or so before I started feeling “normal”
Because of this experience I was hoping for a couple things with this second birth. First, I was hoping to go natural. Secondly, I was hoping for no episiotomy since I kind of thought it might  have caused the hemorrhaging.    I also didn’t want to go not the hospital too early!  I already wrote my birth story, so I won’t repeat those details.  But I was pretty happy with the birth, though I wish I hadn’t had an episiotomy!  After I had just delivered Talisa I was still overwhelmed by the pain and intensity of the birth.  I thought I would never want to have a natural birth again!
BUT as the hours and days passed I realized that the aftermath was so different and I’ve decided to definitely aim for another natural birth.
After Talisa was born I was on a natural high for several days. I couldn’t even sleep that first night. I was excited, happy, and calm. Talisa latched on easily and nursed well. I know that some babies just latch on more easily, but I bet some of the difficulties with Svara in the beginning were because of the drugs. I still had some baby blues over the first few weeks, but they were not as intense and I was able to handle it better.  I had no hemorrhaging, so that was a relief. I did have painful nipples after Talisa bit them when she was 3 days old (my fault for not latching her properly). That was pretty bad and the pain lasted for several weeks! I stopped taking the prescribed pain medication after 10 days because I had a side effect from it, so I was in some pain for about a week after that from the stitches. But Naren helped out a lot, so I didn’t have to overwork myself. It was actually a good thing that I stopped the medication because I think I had been doing too much and didn’t realize I still needed to rest for awhile!
If/when we are blessed with another child, I hope to again have a natural birth. I also hope to avoid an episiotomy if possible.   I also hope to make the early labor more peaceful. To clean the house earlier so that I can labor in peace and not be stressed by a busy house/environment.

2 thoughts on “Two Different Births and Hopes for the Next

  1. I am in awe of your strength and perseverance! What amazing stories, but even more amazing is your determination to continue with the natural births and breastfeeding. So inspiring!

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