Talisa – 2 Month Update

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Talisa Grace is two months old. Sadly I have not done a weekly journal for her the way I did for Svara after she was born. So this post will have to be a catch up about her first two months and then hopefully I can at least manage a monthly journal for her!

Talisa – 2 weeks old

Talisa has been a pretty laid back baby since day one. For the first couple weeks it seemed like all she did was sleep all day. I had to wake her up for almost every feeding (except at night, then she managed to wake up by herself). I tried my best to soak up every newborn moment, knowing how fleeting they are. I watched as her eyelashes grew out (one of the most magical things I think!) and as she made the million funny faces that newborns do. Svara fell in love with Talisa from the moment she saw her. Every morning she comes into our room to greet her sister. Naren and I now play second fiddle to Svara’s morning hugs and kisses.

TIny newborn feet!

I am fortunate this time round to have some good, large, thin cotton muslin swaddling blankets (bought on etsy). Talisa loves being wrapped up all cozy to sleep. After the first 3 weeks she started not napping as well during the day. We had to either hold her or put her in the sling. As soon as she was set down she’d wake up within 10 minutes. One day I decided to try swaddling her for her naps as well. Bingo! Now I can put her to sleep and set her down and she’ll stay asleep. Now at 2 months she usually has a long morning nap, a short midday nap and a long late afternoon/evening nap. Some days are messed up, but it’s getting more regular.

6 weeks old

Nights are still up in the air, but getting better. Over the past two months her “long” night stretch has increased from 3 hours to about 6 hours. Which is pretty good! But I never know if her long stretch is going to start at 8pm or if she is going to be in an on/off sleep/play mode until after midnight.

awake in the middle of the night!

After the first month Talisa started giving us real smiles. Her first smiles were for Svara. Now at 2 months she smiles for all of us and likes to talk and try to laugh as well. One of her happiest times is after she wakes up in the morning and nurses. She lays on the bed just grinning away and talking with her cute little baby sounds. When Svara comes in and joins us her voice goes up in volume. She seems to already adore her sister!

baby smiles!

So far Talisa has been a quiet baby. She usually only cries if she’s hungry or has a dirty diaper that we haven’t changed quickly enough. Even when she wakes up and wants to eat she doesn’t start by crying. She just fusses a bit, wiggles around, and makes little grunty noises. If I am not in the room and don’t hear her wake up she’ll start crying.


During the first couple of weeks we didn’t have to do anything special to get Talisa to sleep. She would just conk out when she was tired, which was almost always! After that we started having to rock her, walk with her, or put her in the sling to get her to sleep sometimes. If not in the sling she was in the swaddle. We didn’t really bother during the day to do this, but to get her back to sleep between night feedings we did. After one month we decided to finally try a pacifier. I didn’t really want to because I hate when they are older and want the pacifier back in the middle of the night but can’t reach it themselves. Svara drove me crazy with that! But I was tired of all the rocking, walking, and shifting in the middle of the night so we bought a couple. It has definitely helped her settle to sleep faster and more peacefully. So far she’s okay for the rest of her sleep stretch without it, I’ll see what happens over the next few months.

FIrst layer of the double swaddle, ready for bed!

I haven’t really taken out all of the baby toys yet, but I will soon. I have the baby playmat with a few hanging toys, she likes to lay there for a short while each day. And a friend gave her a Lamaze toy caterpillar which she loves looking at. If she’s fussy all I have to do is hold that up so she can see it and she starts smiling πŸ™‚

LOVE these chubby cheeks!

As far as growth goes, she has been doing well so far! On the growth charts she started out a little below average (3.3kg) and at 1 month was a bit above average (4.5kg). We haven’t gone for her 2 month checkup yet since she is due for a vaccination and we have a cold so I wanted to postpone it.

Sock monkey suit handpainted from Aunty Saffy!

I love that Talisa’s personality is starting to come through. She seems to have a happy, peaceful, and easy going nature. I can’t wait to see how she blooms!in the meantime I will soak up every moment of my 2 month old sweetie πŸ™‚

2 months today and finally got that thumb in her mouth!


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