Svara’s Surfboard

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This is a guest post by Naren, originally posted on his facebook page.  I just had to share it!


Svara surfboard

Another proud moment as a father

My first born is now 5 years old and my wife and I are witnessing her growth in many ways. We really endeavor to parent her the best possible way so that her character shapes her into a person who will have depth, humility and someone who can understand what are the more important things in life and to be able to truly make wise choices but more importantly how to

 make the best out of life with what we have while pursuing excellence. We also want her to truly understand that she can choose to be happy even if she does not have everything in the world or the fact that we choose not to give everything she desires with ease. Our recent trip to the orphanage is among some of the various practical activities we are using to help Svara understand and value life. We just don’t want her to turn into a spoilt brat
Svara has attended many birthday parties and has playtimes with her friends and many times she has played with toys that she does not have. Sometimes she sighs and whines about how she wished she had a particular toy that her cousin has or she had played with at her friend’s but each time we consistently and patiently explain to her why we were not going to buy her that toy. Svara already has many toys but at this age, a child can be so easily swayed especially when she witnesses the parents of other children just buy anything the child wants especially when the child uses the oldest trick in the book and that is the “cry”. Parents can cave in so easily and most of the time it is because they feel there is just too much work to put in to deal with. They always seem to want the short and easiest way out. This has dire consequences in the future.
Honey and I have been witnessing a lot of improvement and progress with Svara in terms of her attitude. She still struggles with many things but what truly makes us happy is the fact that she really tries to be better. Yesterday I witnessed something truly profound. Last weekend, my daughter attended my niece’s 5th birthday bash. It was a beach party Hawaian theme big celebration at the Renaissance KL. There were so many fun activities and gifts for all the children. My daughter really loves the beach and water activities(Which kid doesn’t?) She was really drawn to the surf board. This has been the sequence of how her reactions have developed and changed over time which I am really amazed at:
1.Usually if she saw something really cool, she would want one for herself too 2.As time passed, she moved on to asking our permission if we can buy her the same toy
3.As more time passed, she asked if we can buy her the same toy for her birthday
4.Her latest effort to obtain something she wants was to save money from her allowance and buy it herself. She patiently waits to save enough. She even attempted to get a job from her grandma once.

Yesterday she went up to my wife and asked her if she can use one of the cardboard boxes we have in our storage and cut out a surf board from it. She decorated the surf board, put on her swimsuit and she was surfing in the living room, proudly showing me all her trick moves that she had learned at the party. It would have been only natural for her to ask me for a surf board at this tender age but the fact that she came to this decision and make the best out of it truly warms my heart. She can think, she can understand.I know for a fact that we are imperfect parents trying our best to raise our child right but catching moments like these gives me the confidence that we are headed in the right direction and I hope and pray that God guides us along the way especially for a clumsy father like me. My cup truly runneth over 🙂

Svara Surfoard 2
Svara Surfboard 3

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