Talisa – 3 Month Update

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Look who’s three months old!


This has been a big month for Talisa in terms of her personality starting to show through and more social interaction.  She LOVES talking to us, especially to Naren.  Perhaps him talking back in Tamil is more appealing than when I talk to her.

We went to her two month checkup in the middle of the month and she was growing well.  The doctor said she was “a bit on the chubby side” meaning she was higher on the “weight” growth chart than “height”.  Fine by me, I love me some baby chub!!

Here she is talking up a storm to me:


And another one of her new habits is to grab any cloth that her hand touches and start chewing on it.  The chewing and drooling have begun  big time!  I don’t think she’s anywhere near teething yet, it’s just the normal baby drooling.  It means I’ve brought out all the baby bibs!



Svara is pouring out just as much love as usual to Talisa.  Here Talisa woke up at the same time that Svara was getting ready for bed so I let them have some playtime in Svara’s bed.  Svara was overjoyed!


I love these mischevious looks!  Talisa was pulling the blanket over her own face and grinning away.


Baby smiles are the best!




Talisa is still loving being all swaddled up for sleep time.  When she’s tired I’ll put her down to wrap her up and she usually starts crying.  But as soon as I start bundling her up she stops and even comes out with a big grin!  Then all I have to do is pop in the pacifier, lay her down in her crib (or in her rocker downstairs) and she’ll go to sleep.  I have to be close by because s he’ll sometimes lose her pacifier a few times before falling asleep, but I don’t need to pick her up or anything.  In fact, if I try to hold her while she goes to sleep she’ll usually start grunting and squirming until I put her down. Then she can relax and get to sleep.  Total opposite of when Svara was a baby!

At night she usually has a 5-8 hour first stretch of sleep, and then another 2-3 hour stretch or two.  About half the time she’ll go right back to sleep after nursing and the other half of the time it takes her up to an hour or so to get back to sleep.  If she’s up for awhile I can still just set her in her crib and she’ll eventually go back to sleep. I try not to give her attention in the middle of the night.  Unless she has a dirty diaper that needs changing, but that has only happened once this month I think.

Naps are a different story. She hasn’t settled into much of a schedule yet except that she is usually only awake for an hour before she’s ready to take another nap.  So an hour after the morning wakeup she’s down for her morning nap.  Her naps these days are usually  no more than 45 minutes.  If I”m lucky I can get to her right when she begins to stir, give her her pacifier, and she’ll go back to sleep for another 45 minutes.  Occasionally she’ll take a long nap on her own.  Sometimes her naps are only about 20 minutes long.  Those aren’t much fun when I think I have some time to get stuff done and she wakes right back up.  Ah well.  I think we started Svara on more of a nap “schedule” around 4-5 months.  For now we’ll just continue going by Talisa’s cues since when she’s tired I definitely have to put her for a nap, I can’t keep her up or she’s super crabby.


No more laying around for Talisa!  She absolutely refuses to let Svara hold her laying down (even me and Naren for that matter).  So Svara is now allowed to hold her while she is sitting up (with supervision of course!)


Talisa celebrated her three month birthday yesterday by giving her first REAL laugh!  It was too too too cute!! I just loooove baby laughs!  She laughed because Naren was tickling her tummy with his mouth.

Let’s see, what else is new this month…

The hair on the back of Talisa’s head is starting to rub off from her rubbing her head back and forth.  This is going to look interesting with her having so much hair, but a big bald spot  LOL.

She seems to enjoy tummy time, at least for a few minutes every day.  She occasionally rolls from tummy to back, but not all the time.  She has tried rolling from back to tummy a few times but doesn’t get much further than her side.

She has had a couple baths this month which she has really enjoyed.  Usually Naren just takes her into the shower to wash her off.  But if he’s not around and she needs more than a wipe down then she gets a bath.  She likes the water just like her older sister!

She is still an easy-going baby so far.  She cries if she’s hungry and if she’s tired, and that’s about it.  It can be pretty stressful trying to take care of two kids, cooking, housework, and my crafting/online shops as well (of course Naren helps but still…). Having an easy-going baby makes the stress much more manageable!


Me, 3 months postpartum:

As for me, I’m feeling back to normal for the most part.  I don’t have to worry about leaking breastmilk all day long which is a relief. I can fit into 3 pairs of “normal” shorts which is very nice!  I can’t fit into any of my jean pants yet, so I’m still wearing the one pair of stretchy black pants whenever we go out.  I’m really hoping to fit into at least one pair of jeans this month!!  I haven’t been able to get back into doing any exercise except for a few tummy exercises each night.  I’d like to take walks, but I just haven’t been able to find the time.  I should take out the small trampoline and get some exercise that way!  I need to lose 5kg to fit back into all my clothes, and I’d like to lose a couple more on top of that.  I’m pretty sure I will, but it might take a few more months.


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