Blooming Creativity

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I haven’t talked about Svara’s creativity lately.  She has always been a very creative child.  Arts and crafts have been at the top of her list of fun things to do for as long as I can remember.  And it’s still that way!

I have to admit that I am often too tired and exhausted to get into crafts.  When she suggests doing an art project I heave a very large sigh.  Sometimes she wants to do projects that are very advanced for her and she ends up watching me doing the whole thing.  She ends up with some cool project/toy, and I end up resentful because I spent all that time working on it when I should have been doing other work.  Not the most positive of experiences.  So I’m trying to find things that either I can make that she can play with (like the cloud dough below) or projects that she can do mostly by herself, with my supervision, and she can actually learn skills from.

So first up is cloud dough!  Playdough has always been one of Svara’s favorite activities.  But sometimes it’s fun to mix things up.  So when I saw cloud dough on pinterest I had to give it a try!  Basically it’s a mixture of 8 parts flour to one part oil.  Most people use baby oil (it probably stays fresh longer that way) but you can also use any vegetable oil.  I used a mix of baby oil that I had a sample bottle of and some canola oil to top it off.  I used 4 cups of flour and 1/2c of oil.  Actually I ended up adding an extra tablespoon or so of oil because it seemed to dry.

Cloud dough is kind of like soft, fluffy sand.  You can pack it together, but then you can easily break it apart as well.  It’s quite unique and fun!  Svara likes to add some little plastic dolls and animals for role playing.  We are keeping the cloud dough in a plastic container in the fridge so that it stays fresh longer.  It also feels nice when she plays with it cold.



Svara’s drawing has taken off exponentially in the past couple of months.  For quite a long time she was drawing only people, and they always looked the same.  Then she’d occasionally add a new item to her repertoire such as a  flower, the sun, a butterfly.  But suddenly a couple months ago she started drawing anything that she wants!  Without seeing how it is drawn, without asking how to draw it, she’ll just think about it for a few seconds and go ahead and draw it.  It’s pretty amazing me to me how she came to this jump in her art abilities without any prompting, urging, etc.  I think it shows that in some respects learning really is internally motivated and things happen at their own times.  Here are a couple of her recent drawings:

She loves drawing ocean scenes.  The stuff on the bottom is seaweed.  The bigger fish is a whale.  She likes writing Svara, Mama, and Papa on her drawings.  And notice how she colors in the empty part of the letters, that is also a new thing she likes to do.




This one is a cow. I must admit I thought the red thing in the front was a milking stool or something.  Turns out it’s actually the cow’s udder.  She is definitely focusing more on detail these days, I’ll just have to point out where the cow’s udder is next time she plays with her plastic animals  hahaha



A cute bunny 🙂



4 thoughts on “Blooming Creativity

  1. Those pictures are great! And the cloud dough sounds neat. My kids aren’t really into those crafts. Have you ever heard of oog? It’s where you mix corn starch and water, and it’s kind of a solid, but kind of a liquid. It’s neat. I don’t know that you can do much with it, but it feels really cool.

    1. Hi Meredith 🙂 yep, we’ve played with the cornstarch/water blend many times. Sometimes I make it more runny so she can play with kitchen utensils in it. We call it gloop.

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