Talisa – 4 Month Update

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Wow, what a month!  My little  baby has been on quite a ride this month development wise, lots of changes!

IMG_1118 grin

She had her four month appointment a few days ago.  She is still average for height and a bit above for weight, so she’s staying along the same growth curves for now.  The doctor said she’s very strong, which is always nice to hear!  She is approximately 15 pounds.

It is easy to get Talisa to smile, and with a bit of work we can even get laughs out of her.   Nothing better than baby giggles!  In this photo Naren is playing pieekaboo at the top, she thought it was the best!


Here is an obligatory baby in a towel photo.  I love her eyes!


Talisa has become more attached to her immediate family this month.  Previously she didn’t mind at all if someone else held her.  Suddenly about three weeks ago she started crying if anyone else held her.  At first we thought it was because she was tired or hungry, but it turns out that she just doesn’t like strangers anymore.  My in-laws came over to stay overnight last night and it took her quite awhile to allow them to hold her.  She still isn’t super happy about it, but at least she’s not bursting into tears anymore.


Talisa has realized she can make new sounds!  First up is blowing raspberries.  Even in the middle of the night after I nurse her she will sometimes spit out her pacifier after I’ve put her down in her crib and start blowing raspberries.  Silly girl!  Last week she added a new sound.  She suctions her tongue against her top lip making a loud smacking/sucking sound.


Last  month she was all about the thumbs, but this month she seems to prefer her fingers or her whole fist for chewing.


Each week Talisa responds more to Svara.  She loves hearing her sing, watching her dance, and just having her around.  Svara loves her sister so much.  The other day she said, “When Talisa is two years old and can sleep in my room make sure you put her bed right next to mine so we can hold hands while we sleep.”  What a way to melt my heart!


IMG_1159 exersaucer

Playing – Talisa is showing more initiative while playing this month.  She reaches out towards toys, even sometimes pulling them towards her.  She enjoys looking at patterned objects and likes when cloths are dangled on top of her or brushed across her.  She is also now big enough to play in her exersaucer!  The first day we tried she lasted about 1 minute.  Now she can stay in there for almost ten minutes.  She doesn’t try to grab at the toys yet, but she looks around.  She’s quite interested in the mirror!  She loves singing, especially when we are the ones singing to her.  She just lights up.

IMG_1167 dolly

Sleep – Where do I begin?  Last month I talked about how she’s so easy to put to sleep, I just have to swaddle her and set her down in her crib and she’ll lay there and drift off to sleep.  She decided she’d had enough of that and wanted to stir things up this month!  Now if I just set her in her crib she’ll start whining and whinging until I pick her up and hold her for awhile.  Once she has just drifted off to sleep I can set her in her crib and she’ll usually be fine.  I don’t mind this so far, it’s just a few extra baby cuddles for me 🙂    However, her sleeping has kind of gone downhill this past month as well.  She used to have a long first stretch of sleep, but this month it’s been 2-3 hour wakings all night long.  Last night finally she had a 5 hour stretch again, yay!  Unfortunately I had gone to bed late so I got less than 2 hours, oops!  Luckily she *usually* goes right back to sleep after  nursing, until about 8 o’clock when she’s up for the day.  She still needs to be all swaddled up for sleep.  Since she started rolling I thought I should break her of the swaddle, but she won’t go to sleep without it!  I took a first step by dressing her in pjs at night and just putting one layer of swaddle blanket on her, instead of just a diaper and two layers of swaddle blanket.  So hopefully she’ll get used to the pjs as being part of the night sleep routine and it’ll help break her of the swaddle.  For awhile she had a nice routine of having a long morning nap, a couple shorter naps and then another longer late afternoon nap.  Now her routine is about 4 or 5 short naps (usually 45 minutes, sometimes a big shorter) and sometimes a longer later afternoon nap.  But the longer nap ONLY happens if I stay in the bedroom when she is sleeping so that I can get her back to sleep when she wakes up at the 45 minute mark.  She still can only be awake for about an hour before she starts getting tired, rubbing her eyes, whining, and needing to take another nap.  Between breastfeeding and putting Talisa to sleep I spend a lot of time in the bedroom!

.  IMG_1185 giggles

All smiles 🙂

IMG_1211 crunches

Mobility – Yikes, my baby is mobile!  She’s not crawling yet (thank goodness!) but when she’s on her back she can push herself across a surface with her feet.  She can also roll both ways!  For a few days all she was doing was rolling from back to front and she was very proud of herself.  But then suddenly she stopped that and started doing little baby “crunches”.  She lifts her head from the ground, holds it for a few seconds, and puts it back down.  Sometimes when she lifts her head she’ll stare at her diaper or her feet, other times she’s not looking at anything in particular.  I guess she’s getting those muscles ready for learning how to sit up!  When she’s on her belly she tries to scootch forward as well, but she gets further when she’s on her back.  It’s  no longer safe to leave her on the bed!  I  admit I used to leave her in the middle of the bed if I had to quick pop into the bathroom, but now I have to put her in her crib unless Svara is there to watch her.  Diaper changing is getting a big more difficult these days.  If we lift up her legs to put the fresh diaper underneath she holds her legs and body stiff straight.  Then as I try to lift the front of the diaper up into place she pushes her feet against the changing table, shifting herself backwards and the diaper out of place.  She’s just too excited to be practicing her new movements!


IMG_1145 roll over

Here she is right after having rolled over.

Talisa has seemed more cranky this month, more clingy.  Perhaps she’s just feeling a little more needy as she’s also exploring her world more.  She’s still quite talkative, gurgling and babbling to us.  She is in the early stages of teething, and will gnaw on anything and everything she can get into her mouth.  She is a fountain of drool, so we have to carry a cloth around with us everywhere.  Sometimes we remember to put on a bib to make that easier.

Breastfeeding – breastfeeding is still going along just fine.  My cycle came back quite early again, around 9 weeks.  This month my milk supply seemed to get pretty low before my cycle.  That is usual for me, but for the first time I was actually worried about her not having enough wet diapers.  Perhaps because she is drooling so much that some of her liquid is used up that way?  I’m not sure.  But luckily that lasted less than a week and then my supply came back up and she has been making up for it!  So lately she has been nursing every 1-2 hours during the day and every 2-3 hours at night.  More than when she was a newborn!  I have to admit, though, in some ways it’s nice to have an excuse just to sit down and relax.  Hey, I gotta go, baby’s gotta eat!  Of course it would be more relaxing if she’d just lay there and nurse quietly.  But usually she’s pretty quick on each side and she gets angry if the milk doesn’t come fast enough so I end up having to switch her from side to side like 10 times which can get annoying.

Me, 4 Months Postpartum:

I am still slowly but surely losing weight (not due to exercise).  I am down to 58 kg now and can fit into ONE pair of my jeans.  I still have to lay down on the bed to be able to zip and button them up.  Let’s see how many pairs of pants I can fit into in another month!  No exercising going on yet.  It feels like it’s been a crazy month, not much room to breathe!


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