Cloth Diapers – Update from 4 Months

cloth diapers

Here’s another post that I meant to put up almost two months ago and am just getting to it now!

Talisa just turned 6 months old, but these photos are from when she was 4 months old.  All the diapers fit her just about the same, though.  Occasionally I have to snap them one snap larger on the waist, depending on what insert I’m using.

The main diapers that I”m using now are still flats or prefolds trifolded in covers.  The main covers I have are from Emotibums, My Very Best, and Grovia.  I also have some AIO (all-in-one) diapers that I use for nights – those are Swaddlebee  Simplex.  I do have some fitteds and other covers, but I am not using them right now.

I thought I’d do a review of each diaper and how it’s working for us.  Note, I have not been asked to do any review and have not been given any of these diapers to do reviews on – I’m simply sharing information in case it comes in handy for anyone!

First up, Emotibums!  Emotibums is a work-at-home-mom who makes these adorable fleece covers.  She is most well known for soakers, shorties, and longies, but has recently added fleece wraps.  I prefer wrap covers, so I was excited.  These fit from 8-20 pounds and are actually the ONLY covers that fit at birth that still fit by 4 months.  Actually, at 6 months they are still fitting!  I just love the little happy face on the bum!  These covers can fit over most diapers, but I have just been using them for trifolding.  Emotibums is now offering trimmer covers just for trifolding, so I”m getting some of those for when Talisa outgrows these!  Which will probably be in a month or so. She still has an extra snap on each side for the waist, but the rise is just right now.  Talisa still has quite chubby thighs and outgrows rise before width.

emotibuns1` emotibuns5



Next up, Grovia covers!  These covers are my go-to covers for when we go out.  The awesome hook&loop make them the easiest to change when we are out.  They fit quite trim and are perfect for trifolding.  The inner mesh layer holds the prefold or flat in place well.  I don’t use the snap-in inserts that are sold to go with these covers, as I like the ease of washing and drying for flats and prefolds.  I always make sure to wash these covers on cool or warm, never on hot, and I always air dry. This is to preserve the hook&loop.  So far it has worked well.  At 6 months they are still going strong!  Though Talisa is a very curious girl and likes to play with her diapers.  Just last week (at almost 6 months) she learned how to take off the hook&loop!!!  These are still perfect for going out since she wears clothes over them.  But at home I reach for my snap covers first!  I thought it would be longer before I had to worry about her taking these off herself.  I’m saving up to add some Grovia snap shells to our stash.

grovia2 grovia1



These covers from My Very Best are the ones I always grab for first!  I have three covers.  Actually two of them are pocket diapers, but I just use them as AI2 with trifolded prefolds/flats so that I can get more use out of them.  The one in these photos is her current design and it is the most trim.  I like them all, though.  They are well made, cute, trim, and they are snaps so Talisa can’t undo them!  This work-at-home-mom mostly does custom orders currently.  Which means you get to pick your pattern, fabric, inner fabric, whether you want a pocket or just a cover, extra inner gussets, etc.  I have one with inner gussets and I really like that.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get another one of these someday!

mvb4 mvb3 mvb2 mvb1



And lastly, here are our nighttime diapers – the Swaddlebees Simplex AIO one-size!  These are great diapers for any time, but I have been using them for nights since Talisa was about a month old just because it’s easy.  So far they are absorbent enough and have never leaked.  During the day I like AI2s so that I can get more use out of each cover. I kind of feel like if I used an AIO during the day it would be a “waste” though I know that’s silly.  If I used an AI2 for night I’d still have to put the cover for washing since it’d be quite wet, so I might as well use the AIO for night, right??  The only “problem” is that it means noone outside of home gets to see the adorable Swaddlebees prints!   Oh, and another reason I use them for nights is that they have a stay-dry option (it’s optional because if you want you can tuck that part into the pocket so that you won’t have the fleece layer against the skin).  Talisa has never had irritation from wetness, but I still feel like it’s nice to havea  dryer feeling diaper for all night.  Another thing I like about these is that they wash and dry VERY easily for an AIO!  In fact, they dry just as quickly as my prefolds!!  There is one drawback and that is the snaps.  I read on some forums that some people have problems with the snaps falling off because they are so tight.  I was lucky for the first four months and had no problems with that.  Unfortunately within the past two months I have had a snap fall off on two of my six diapers :`(   If you live in the US this is no problem since you can just send it in and they’ll fix it for you.  But it’s not worth it for me to send my diaper all the way to the US to fix a snap!!!  So what I’m planning on doing is purchasing a snap pliers and some snaps and fixing it myself.  I’d like to have a snap pliers for other projects anyway.  Sometimes I think “why don’t I just have a full stash of these diapers?”  Then I remember the snaps…  But I can’t help it, I still love them!

simplex os 3


simplex os 2



So those are the main diapers in use here!  I have a couple other covers that I use when I need to, but they are not my favorite.  One is a  Mommy’s Touch cover.  It’s excellent quality, but not as easy to adjust the size and it’s not as trim.  I think I’ll like it better when she’s older.  The other is a one size cover from Fluffy’s Diapers on etsy.  I loved her sized covers.  The one size cover works well and fits fine, but it’s rather large.  The waist is really big, so it’s just not quite as convenient.  Again, I think I will prefer it when she’s older.  For now it’s a backup cover.


4 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers – Update from 4 Months

  1. Another great review and awesome pictures! Made me think of one more adjustment I can make to my diapers. I didn’t notice it at first because of that little lady modeling the diapers. She is adorable!

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