Backyard Science

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Some of the best lessons are spur of the moment ones!  The other day after it rained we went out to the porch and noticed there were some big snails by the plants.  These are giant african land snails, they’ve been in Asia for a long time and are quite normal to see around here.  When I was teaching third grade at ISKL we actually had two of these snails as classroom pets!  There are many websites dedicated to how to take care of these snails, I guess a lot of people keep them as pets.  They are pretty easy to care for.  However, one thing to be careful of is that wild ones can harbor a certain bacteria that can cause meningitis in humans, so it’s best not to handle them, or at least wash your hands well after handling them.  We just watched them.  We learned that they like eating passion fruit leaves, but they aren’t too fond of roselle leaves.


After watching these snails for quite a while Svara was interested to learn more about them.  So the next day we ventured online and watched some videos and read some websites to learn more about them.



Now every time it rains Svara can’t wait to go outside and see if the snails have come out again!


2 thoughts on “Backyard Science

  1. That is a cool looking snail! I’ve never seen one that big. We got to look at a slug and a tiny snail shell the other day, but they weren’t very interesting to the boys. I think they would be much more interested in such a big “cool” snail.

  2. How sweet! My favorite part of my childhood was spent outdoors exploring the woods and our creek. I love that your little ones spend time outside and can’t wait until my little fellow is big enough to be excited by it all too!

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