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There is a quote I want to share today. I’ve seen it posted by friends on facebook several times over the past few months, and I want to keep it here so I can always look back at it.  It is written by George Townsend, one of the early Baha’is and a Hand of the Cause of God.   It really captures why we should treasure our children while they are still small.  Here is the quote:

“While they are at your side, love these little ones to the utmost. Forget yourself; serve them; care for them; lavish all your tenderness upon them. Value your good fortune while it is with you and let nothing of their babyhood go unprized. Not for long will you keep the happiness that now lies in your reach. You will not always walk in the sunshine with a little soft hand nestling in each of yours, nor hear little feet pattering beside you and eager baby voices questioning and pattering of a thousand things with ceaseless excitement. Not always will you see that trusting face upturned to yours, feel those little arms about your neck and those tender lips pressed upon your cheek nor will you have that tiny form to kneel beside you, and murmur baby prayers into your ear. Love them and win their love and shower on them all the treasures of your heart. Fill up their days with happiness and share with them their mirth and innocent delights. Ere you are aware it will be gone with all its gifts forever.”

– George Townshend

I am going through a time when I really need to read this every morning.  It has been hard these past few months with never enough sleep.  I often have a short temper and feel impatient.  Never enough time to do all that I want and/or need to do.  But by reading this quote I remember that my children are the most important things in my life right now.  It’s easy to remember to take care of babies – their needs are so direct – feed, change, put to sleep, keep amused.  But as children get older some of their needs change.  Svara doesn’t rely on me 100% for her physical needs, but she still has so many needs.  I have to remind myself she is ONLY six years old.  She is able to shower, brush her teeth, get a snack, etc.  But she still NEEDS me.  She needs my attention.  She needs my love.  She needs nurturing and guidance.  So I am posting this quote here so I can refer back to it often, and try harder, organize my life better, so I can spend the time I need to with my treasures.



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