Vegan Calzones


I have been dairy free for the past five months.  I have been dairy free on and off for many years, but there is something about cheese that keeps calling me back, especially while I was pregnant!  But since Talisa reacts to my eating dairy, I am totally dairy free for now.  I know it’s healthier anyway, and there are many vegan alternatives, so I don’t mind too much.  I am always looking for new homemade cheese recipes (you can see my collection on pinterest here!)

The other day I came across a new pizza mozzarella (called Moxarella by the maker, cute!).  It’s a thick gooey cheese sauce that you glop onto your pizza before baking it.  The cashews give it richness, the tapioca starch gives it a cheesy gooeyness, and the garlic and lemon give lovely flavor!

The other day at Svara’s birthday party we ordered pizzas since we needed something EASY!  Boy was it hard seeing all that gooey pizza!  Svara and I shared a pizza with no cheese, but it just wasn’t very tasty.  Most of it was leftover, so I immediately thought of this recipe.  I made it tonight and added it to the leftover pizza, baking it until it was nice and hot.  yum!!!

I also made some homemade crust to make some calzones.  I filled the calzones with a little sauce, this cheese, some seitan “sausage”, mushrooms, and olives.  Boy was it tasty!!

This “Moxarella” really has the gooeyness of cheese, I totally love it!!  Here are a couple photos of my calzone cut in half:

IMG_1876 IMG_1877



I made the cheese recipe just like the original, so head on over to Vedgedout to get the recipe!   I added the olive oil as per the recipe since I wanted it to be nice and rich.  I also added the recommended amount of salt.  It was super tasty, but I had to drink a lot of water afterwards, so next time I will cut the salt a bit (if it was just a cheese pizza it’d be perfect, but I added salty olives and seitan “sausage” which is why mine was extra salty).

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