Talisa – 7/8 Month Update

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This update is a little off on the timing. I have been tired from lack of sleep, so I was late on the 7 month update. The my computer broke don and I couldn’t do it. But I want to do it before I forget things, so this is a 7/8 month update. Talisa will be 8 months in a week. Then I’ll just do nine months. There are only a couple photos from my iPad here, I’ll try to add better ones later!

Stats – At her 7 month checkup Talisa was 7.22kg. She grew one centimeter and didn’t really gan any weight from the previous month. Actually I think they marked up last month’s weight a little, so maybe she did gain a little. Anyway she was still on the growing curve fine, so I guess a slow down in growth is normal around now.
Sleep – This has been a rough month for sleeping, AGAIN.   Reading through the month 6 update, it’s just about the same. She usually goes to sleep around 11 or 12 (sometimes earlier or later). Half the time she is still up for a couple hours in the middle of the night (like from 3-5, 4-6, or 5-7). She wakes up every 1-3 hours at night. Usually she nurses and goes back to sleep, except for the previously mentioned waking periods. She takes 2-3 naps a day and she is awake for 1 1/2-3 hours between naps. Usually the max is 2 hours, except for evenings, for some reason in the evenings she can stay awake longer. I have tried to gently get her into a better sleeping pattern, but so far it hasn’t worked. Even on days that seem perfect. Like the other day she finished her second nap at 5pmAt 7pm she was sleepy already and we were finishing supper. So we all went upstairs, did the bedtime routing, and she was asleep in bed around 7:30. Perfect! But no, she woke up an hour later and was awake until 12:30am!! And then she woke up almost every hour (going back to sleep each time) and was up at 5:30am for good!! So I was browsing my homeopathy for babies book and saw that there is a remedy called cypripedium that is good for babies who wake up in the middle of the night for a couple hours ready to play. Perfect!!! Only the pharmacy we usually get our homeopathic remedies at doesn’t have it. And others we called don’t have it. It’s not a very common remedy. The last doctor we spoke to told us to try nux vomica fr a few nights. Tonight is the second night, no changes yet. I’ll give it four nights. If no changes I’m going to see if I can order the remedy from overseas. I am TIRED!!
Food – Talisa is regularly eating food now, I usually give her something around lunch time or afternoon snack, and then she has something when we are all eating supper.  Usually her supper is oatmeal I just grind up oats myself. To make her cereal I put a spoon of ground oats in a little bowl, add water, and microwave for about 40-60 seconds, stirring every 10 seconds. I add a little breast milk (for sweetness, taste, and vitamins), sometimes some ground flax, and sometimes another grain like millet if I have some cooked in the fridge. Sometimes I take a little of the oatmeal and mix with a veggie like some puréed carrots, but she’s not a big fan of carrots yet. She loves most fruits. I make fruit (mango, banana, papaya) and coconut milk popsicles they she enjoys. She gets brown rice if we are eating it, and chopped up whatever veggie we are eating if it’s something she can have. We were in the grocery store the other day and she was quite upset that Svara was eating a cracker and she didn’t have anything, so we bought a pack of baby snacks for her. They were just little chopped up pieces of organic dried apples and blueberries. She really likes them! They were expensive, though, I’m keeping them in the diaper bag for emergency snacks. Soon I’m going to make oat and banana cookies that she can have.
Mobility – Talisa is on the move, nothing is safe!  She started crawling (on her belly, not her knees) on Svara’s birthday, just a week before she turned  7 months. Now there is no stopping her! I put away the small playmates because I didn’t have a use for them as she just crawled right off. Now we just play on the living room floor and divert her when she goes to the TV area. She is starting to pull up on things as well. If I am relaxing on the bed and she is on the bed as well her favorite thing to do is to crawl towards me, climb up on me, and start repeatedly kissing my face. Cute, but slobbery!!  I have a feeling she is going to start walking before Svara did (14 months for Svara)
Playing – Talisa is really enjoying all her toys these days. We have a basket of toys in the living room that she tips over every day. I don’t think she has any strong favorites. She will quietly play by herself for awhile on the floor, but of course we have to be nearby in case of trouble. I usually bring a cookbook to browse through while she plays on the floor. If I bring my iPad she wants it, if I bring a novel I can’t concentrate enough. She loves her big sister more and more every day! She laughs and grins when she sees her, and does the same for Naren and I. Now she also flaps her arms up and down in excitement, it’s too cute!
Other – Talisa does this huge grin now that is just hilarious. I keep trying to get a great photo of it. She does it if she’s super happy and excited.  She’ll give kisses if we ask, and often even if we don’t. Diaper changing is becoming a wrestling match as she tries to turn over every time she’s on the changing table. Not much can distract her!
Travel – It’s getting more difficult to go out, visit, etc. since she is past the age where she’ll just easily go to sleep in the sling if she’s tired. Either we go out right after she wakes up, or we just hope for the best.  She doesn’t have a melt down or anything, but she can be cranky. Sometimes I just stay home and Naren goes out with Svara. Of course sometimes when this happens she ends up staying awake late and I could have gone anyway. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Talisa – 7/8 Month Update

  1. What a sweet face to pop up in my reader =) I love it! My little guy is just acting like he wants to crawl. I reckon he’ll be into everything in a couple of weeks.

    Hang in there with the sleeping! I hope it gets easier for you!!!

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