First Sewing Lesson

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I mentioned in a post several months ago that I am trying to find craft activities where Svara does the majority of the work and they are learning opportunities for her.  So I decided to start Svara on occasional sewing projects!  I started sewing when I was a few years older than her, but I think she’s old enough to do very simply sewing projects.  We started with making a felt pouch that she could use with her dolls.

I cut a piece of felt and folded it in half.  Then I tied the knot for her and showed her how to make whip stitches.  When I do this next time I’ll use actual thread instead of yarn because it was kind of difficult for her to pull the doubled yarn through the needle hole.  When she was finished, I sewed the handle on for her (she had had enough sewing by then) and she glued on a ribbon and buttons for decoration.

I have a photo of the work-in-progress on my (broken) computer.  I’ll add that when I finally get access to that data.  For now, here is a photo of the finished piece:

svara purse

I enjoy helping her with projects like these where she is actually learning something herself.  Lately she has been begging me for another paper mache project.  I think I said last time that it’d be another year before we did one, but it’s only been six months.  She wants to make a factory for her polly pocket dolls.  She is envisioning using toilet paper rolls as tubes so she can put things through and pretend they are being made.  Sounds cool, but it sounds like a lot of work for me.



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