Talisa – 9 Month Update

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Talisa’s 9th “monthday” went past without notice this month.  I didn’t even remember until a couple days later that my baby is now 9 months old!  A testimony to how much she is keeping us busy and on our toes these days.

I also, sadly, don’t have that many photos to share today.  My camera battery was dead for almost 2 weeks and I kept forgetting to charge it, ugh!  But at least I have a few…

MOBILITY – This month has been all about practicing her new mobility which she discovered in the middle of last month.  Crawling, climbing, and cruising are all the rage! Somehow I don’t think she’s going to be like Svara, content to stand at the side of a crib or baby gate and yell or cry without any attempt to climb.  Already she is trying to climb the side of the pack’n’play!!  You can kind of see it in this photo below, her little foot is up on the side.  She actually got both feet up a couple steps!!  I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t safely put her here for a few minutes while I take care of laundry, etc.  I’m careful not to put anything in the pack’n’play that she could use to step on and climb up further, as she will attempt to climb anything these days.  She gets angry because she’s not big enough to climb onto the couch.

attempting to climb out of the pack'n'play

attempting to climb out of the pack’n’play

SLEEP – I wish I had something better to report, but sleeping is still a bit of a hazy subject around here.  I say hazy because it has turned my mind hazy with sleep deprivation.  Naps are good, though, she has actually finally fallen into a 2 nap a day pattern all by herself in the past couple of weeks.  She takes a nap a couple hours after getting up in the morning, then she’s up for a couple hours for lunch and playtime before her afternoon nap.  After that she’s up for 3-4 hours before bedtime.  She usually goes to bed sometime between 9-10pm and she’s up in the morning around 8.  That part is okay, it’s the in between part that we’re still struggling with.  But there HAVE  been some good strides.  I mentioned before that she has a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and STAY awake for 1-3 hours, often ready to PLAY.  We tried a homeopathic remedy, nux vomica, which was suggested by a homeopath here.  After giving it to her for a few nights in a row (one at bedtime) she pretty much stopped this midnight partying.  YAY!!  We had to give her the medicine for a couple weeks before we could stop and have her not go back to it.  Recently she started again and we’ve had to give her the medicine for a few more nights.  Although it helped her be able to get back to sleep when she woke up in the wee hours of the morning, she still got up every 1-3 hours (usually 1-2 hours) to nurse, or sometimes just for her pacifier.  A friend suggested to me to put a couple drops of lavender oil on a cloth underneath her crib sheet every night, as it will help her body get into and stay in deeper sleep.  I’m all for trying!  She said it would take 2-4 weeks to start seeing results.  It has been almost 2 weeks. She is still waking up every 2-3 hours, but there are fewer 1 hour wakeups, and almost no pacifier wake-ups.  So dare I hope that it’s starting to work??  I’ll give it another couple weeks, I really am desperate for a long stretch of sleep.

FOOD – Talisa usually eats 3 small meals a day.  Only 2 meals if she doesn’t stay awake long enough to eat some breakfast in the morning.  I have to start branching out and figuring out more things to give her, though, I feel like I’m being awfully repetitive.  My brain power is so zapped by sleep and other things these days that my baby meal-planning is less than imaginative.  Usually for breakfast she has some cut up frozen blueberries, and some fried egg yolk if I am having a fried egg.  For lunch she usually has some frozen peas (these were her FAVORITE for a few weeks, now she usually only eats a few), maybe some leftover rice if there is any, or some of our food if she can have it (I’m pretty strict about limiting her salt/sugar/low nutrition foods).  If I have bananas she’ll have some of that, or a fruit popsicle if I have made any (usually banana/mango).  For dinner she usually has a bowl of cereal.  I grind oats and millet and make cereal from that.  I add a little ground flaxseed, some breastmilk, and a cube of frozen veggies, usually carrots.  Sometimes she eats a little, sometimes she eats a lot. Either way it doesn’t seem to affect how she sleeps at night, unfortunately.  Here Svara is giving Talisa her first taste of chocolate, I think it is love at first taste!  It is one of our healthy fudgy snacks made with dates, cocoa powder, and other good ingredients. I didn’t give her too much in case the chocolate messed with her sleep, as it used to for Svara.  I don’t think it did, but I’ll keep an eye out again next time she has a taste of chocolate.

First taste of chocolate!

First taste of chocolate!

PLAY – Talisa is ALL about play these days!  No being held these days, she wants to be DOWN on the floor, exploring the world!  Of course her favorite playmate is still Svara.  They can really make eachother laugh, I love it.  She is interacting more with us, and with her toys, every day.  Shaking, knocking things down, playing peekaboo, the world is hers for the taking.  Here is a new favorite game where she climbs onto a blanket and gets pulled along for a ride.  Sorry for the bad photo, two lights in our bedroom need replacing:

a new favorite game - lay a blanket on the floor and she crawls on and lays down, waiting for a ride

a new favorite game – lay a blanket on the floor and she crawls on and lays down, waiting for a ride

And in this photo below she has crawled under Svara’s school table to find some paper.  We are in the midst of a biiiig house organizing project, deciding where school stuff goes, where safe play areas are, etc.  This is no longer in this play area.  If she finds paper, she will eat it.  If she finds a fuzz blob, she will eat it.  Oh the joys…

caught red-handed

caught red-handed

COMMUNICATION – Yay, Talisa is old enough to start communicating in other ways than crying!  If she sees one of us and wants us to come to her she starts flapping both arms up and down excitedly.  If we don’t come right then, BOY does she get mad!  If she has had enough of something she will make the sigh for finished (flipping a hand from front to back repeatedly).  She is starting to use a sign for when she wants to nurse as well, and today she made a sign when she wanted something to eat.  I love baby signs!  I’ve forgotten the signs for a lot of things, so I ordered a baby signs book, but I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  She also has a new phone trick.  She picks up a toy, or just uses her hand, and puts it by her ear and says “hello?” (in her slurred baby way, of course, but she’s definitely saying hello!

hello?  pretending to talk on the phone

hello? pretending to talk on the phone

So I wrote this post last week and wanted to finish it before posting it.  Unfortunately I can’t remember what I wanted to add to it!  So I will end with one more photo from our outing to a wedding recently.  Talisa was wearing her first Indian outfit 🙂



3 thoughts on “Talisa – 9 Month Update

  1. She is just so beautiful! Nice to see the updates. Those days go by so fast. I feel like I am just now getting into a healthy sleeping pattern and Serafina is almost two. Hang in there momma! 🙂

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