Chocolate Monster

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I’ve created a chocolate monster!

Today was kitchen day for me, I was trying to get many things done in the kitchen at once, to last for at least a few days of snacks and a couple days of meals.  I did some of the work while Talisa was taking a nap, and when she was awake Naren kindly offered to play with her.  But he started not feeling well and needed to go lay down for awhile, so I had to take over.  Watching  a baby while trying to get things done in the kitchen always has a potential for things like this to happen:


I had almost finished.  I had completed three types of date-based snacks, the homemade buns were out of the oven and cooling, the lentil balls were in the oven baking, and Talisa had been sitting in her high chair enjoying tidbits of the snacks I had made.  But she had had enough, and wanted out NOW!  So I picked her up.  But I still had to put a tray of chocolate-date fudge into the freezer to chill.  No problem, I can do things with one hand as I balance a baby on my hip, I’m a MOM.

So Talisa is on one hip while I carry the tray in the other hand.  I deftly open the freezer door with my pinky finger and aim to slide in the tray.  Oops, small problem, the freezer is a bit crowded.  There is ALMOST enough room at the top, but one container in the back is too tall.  No problem, some slight re-arranging needed.  Now, due to being a MOM, I also have a few loose brain cells due to sleep deprivation.  For some reason I am holding onto the tray with the hand of the arm that is holding Talisa.  Thinking (or not thinking) in my mind that this was going to be super quick.  And it almost was.  I was JUST about to be ready to take the tray back into my right hand and slide it into the freezer when Talisa notices the tray and SLAMS her hand into it and grabs a fistful of fudge.



And what to do with a fistful of fudge except to smear it into your own face trying to eat as much as possible, right?  I mean, what would YOU do with a fistful of fudge?  Yeah, I thought so 😉

p.s. I didn’t mind TOO much because this is a HEALTHY fudge with only dates as sweetener.  It’s similar to THIS recipe which was my inspiration.


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