Talisa – 10 Month Update

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Talisa is 10 months old already!  She is showing her independence this month by wanting to get DOWN and get AROUND and INTO things as much as possible.  Oh, I forgot CLIMB on things.  Whew, we are being kept busy!

COMMUNICATION – Talisa is learning a few more baby signs.  She’ll still tell us when she’s done eating by signing finished.  She also waves goodbye, sometimes signs “more”, and a few others.  She is babbling up a storm and lets us know by yelling and crying when she doesn’t want something.  She can say Mama and Papa but doesn’t clearly call us that all the time.  I think she calls me Mama more often than she calls Naren Papa.  She calls to Svara a lot but doesn’t have a clear way of saying her name yet.  When she hears something she’ll put her hand to her ear. When music comes on she clasps her hands together and shakes them and starts bobbing around, dancing.  It’s just too cute!  She very frequently sticks one arm out and puts her pointer finger and thumb together like she is pinching something and just holds her arm out to us like that.  I am not really sure what she is doing, whether she’s trying to sign something, pretending she’s giving us something, or what.  If we put our fingers to hers or pretend she’s feeding us something she gets a kick out of it.


Still a big fan of talking on the phone!


Can’t get enough of this smile

MOBILITY – The only thing new this month is that she is standing for a longer time all by herself.  She’ll pull herself up on something and then she can stand on her own for about 30 seconds before she decides to sit back down.  She will occasionally take a step or two if I am sitting down next to her and holding her hand while she is standing.


Standing on her own!

PLAY – Svara is still Talisa’s favorite playmate.  She’ll follow her anywhere, crawl on her, take things from her, pull her hair, all that sisterly stuff.  Svara is patient and gentle most of the time (she occasionally forgets and plays a little rough, but it’s not mean-hearted).   She loves knocking down stacked blocks, taking things from her mailbox in the house toy that you see in the photo below, and pretending anything is a telephone.  She hates being stuck in one place and not being allowed to eat all the paper and other stuff she finds on the floor.  Clapping and dancing are other favorite activities!

steal mask

HEALTH – We had a bout of sickness in the beginning of this month which was no fun and threw our new nap schedule out of whack!  The girls caught hand, foot, and mouth disease at a gathering we went to.  Talisa showed symptoms first.  We thought she was teething because she was drooling up a storm and had a bit of a fever.  But that night when teething medicine did no good and she was screaming and not able to nurse, we knew something else might be up.  A trip to the doctor the next day confirmed that she had ulcers in her throat, poor thing!  A week later and the girls were recovering, and *I* caught it!!  Ugh, that was not fun at all, I think I had it worse than the girls as well.  For a few days I couldn’t type or walk because of the blisters on my hands and feet.  So we all recovered from that finally after a couple weeks, and now we are back to normal.  Let’s hope it stays that way for awhile.

SLEEP – As I mentioned, Talisa’s two-nap-a-day schedule that she finally settled into herself got thrown out of whack by the HFM. She is back to having 2-3 naps a day, depending on what happens that day, what time she wakes up in the morning, etc.  Sometimes she even has 4 naps.  I think she is starting to get her second bottom tooth as well (I can see it RIGHT under the gum) so that could still be messing with her sleep.  Nights are no better yet.  After she was sick she was back to 30 minute-1 hour stretches all night, so I gave her another few days of Nux Vomica which helped that.  But it seems nothing can get her to have more than 2-3 hour stretches at night!  Hopefully time will help…

FOOD – She usually eats 3 meals a day and sometimes another snack or two.  When I say “meal” I mean she is sitting down with us at the table eating, it doesn’t mean she eats a lot.  Some days she eats more than others.  She likes to try what we are eating.  I haven’t made cereal for her for almost two weeks because she hardly ever ate more than a couple spoons, and I can’t keep leftover cereal for very long.  So she’s mostly eating table foods.  Sometimes I take out food from ours before salting it, sometimes I just give her some of the different components of our meal, it depends on what we are having.  Frozen blueberries are her number one favorite food, she has them every day.  Here are some of the other things she eats (how MUCH she eats depends on the day and her mood)

frozen blueberries, fried egg yolk, homemade bread, rye crackers, ‘icecream’ made from frozen bananas and sometimes avacado, date and nut ‘cookies’, organic soft tofu, steamed veggies, pretty much any kind of fruit, mango/banana/coconut popsicles, whole wheat pasta, veggies from soup, homemade cashew ‘cheese’, brown rice

She is quite good at her pincer grasp now and hardly ever puts her head down to her tray to get something in her mouth anymore.  She throws about 1/4-1/2 of her food onto the floor, depending on how hungry she is. When Naren feeds her he puts the food into her mouth bite by bite.  When I feed her I put it on her tray and let her go.  My way is a lot more messy, of course, but I figure it’s good for her fine motor control to have that option sometimes.  Of course that is only for foods that can be picked up.

GROWTH – She hasn’t had a checkup, but when we went to the doctor when she was sick she weighed 7.5kg.  That means she only put on about .5 kg (about 1 pound) in 3 months.  I’m not sure about the height.  I figure this is because she is SO active!  The doctor wasn’t worried at all, so neither am I.  She still has baby chub, just not as much as she used to.  I’m trying to include higher calorie foods each day such as ground up nuts or nut butters, coconut, egg yolks, etc. to help.  If I don’t consciously do that then she tends to eat mostly fruits and veggies.  Which is great, but babies and toddlers need a good amount of healthy fats as well!  Too bad she doesn’t like avacado, but I can blend it into banana ‘icecream’ and she gets some that way.



3 thoughts on “Talisa – 10 Month Update

  1. Very cute! Nice to see your girls as best friends. They remind me of Autumn and Kesa. Have you ever tried giving her avocado chocolate pudding? I bet that she would love that! I have a recipe for it and my kids still don’t know that they have ever eaten avocados (they refuse to try them). I also have a chocolate avocado muffin recipe. Wishing you all health and happiness. 🙂

  2. I haven’t made avocado chocolate pudding for her yet, though I guess the unfrozen ‘ice cream’ is basically a pudding. So far I mostly give her fruit/banana/date sweetened things. I suppose I could sweeten the pudding with dates? I’ve made avacado pudding for Svara before, though, I’ll have to make it again soon! Avacado muffins sound good! I guess I can’t blame my girls for not liking avacado, it was never my favorite either (though I’ve learned to enjoy a good guacamole!)

  3. My word, her smile is to die for!!! So cute! My little bug has suddenly gotten mobile on us too and is starting to get into everything! Discovered that my original efforts to babyproof just weren’t enough =P Good luck with your little climber! She’s precious!

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