Thankful for Papa

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I have a sweet story about Svara that I wanted to post so that I will be sure to remember it in the future!

The other day Naren was away from home for a couple hours in the afternoon.  The girls and I were in the kitchen, getting a few things done.  I had some almond milk to use up, so I was making some cashew cheese with it as well as some chocolate pudding.  Svara was sometimes helping me.  While making the chocolate pudding she said, “Papa loves chocolate, this could be a surprise for him!  I know!!!  Let’s have a surprise thank you party for Papa!!”  During the next couple of hours she planned out her party.  She was quick to mention that we didn’t need to make decorations or anything, since she knew that would be a pretty sure “no, we don’t have enough time for that” from me, hehe.    She decided that we would turn out the lights, hide, and jump out and yell “surprise!” when Papa came home.  She would then present him with a card that she made specially for him as well as the pudding treat.  She would then sing him a made-up song just for him about how she is thankful for him.

We had just gone back inside the house from playing outside and closed all the windows and curtains for the day when we saw him drive up to the house.  Perfect timing.  We hid in the kitchen and she executed her party plans just as she wanted.  During the song she was listing things she was thankful for such as him taking us all out places, giving her treats, being loving, teaching her things, etc.  Naren thought it might have been something I put her up to, or that I had been talking about being thankful or something.  But nope, this time it was all Svara!  I love seeing Svara’s sweet nature shine through 🙂

I don’t have any photos of that impromptu party, but I have this photo from a couple weeks ago.  Whenever Svara is hugging Naren, Talisa just HAS to crawl over and get in on the hugging action too.  Too cute!


papa love


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