Talisa – 11 Month Update

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Once again I am late with the monthly update.  Right now Talisa is sleeping and Naren has taken Svara to a birthday party, so I am trying to get this update done before Talisa changes too much!  She is growing and learning new tricks on a daily basis it seems!

Her BIG development this past month is WALKING!  Yes, at 10 1/2 months old Talisa took her first steps.  For the first few days it was 2-8 steps at a time.  Now she can walk across a room (still with that adorable wobbly walk)  and can even stand up without holding onto any support.  She is good at falling, meaning she knows how to catch herself so that she doesn’t bonk her head.  I’m continually impressed at how much “physical sense” she seems to have.  Svara is more concerned about Talisa falling than Talisa herself is 🙂

Some of Talisa's first steps, with big sister nearby in case she falls!

Some of Talisa’s first steps, with big sister nearby in case she falls!

COMMUNICATION – Talisa is learning more every day about how to communicate what she wants.  Pointing, using baby signs, yelling, it all works 😉  Some of the words she says are: Mama, Papa, doggy, baby, gadi (means car in Tamil), naynay (nurse), nanee (thanee, means water in Tamil), and I’m probably missing a few.  She also pretends to read her books, especially Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.  She’ll open it up and start saying “up up bup bup”.   Some of the baby signs she uses now are: finished, nurse, eat, more, hear, phone, sleepytime, prayer, and doggy.  She is all about pointing at things that interest her as well.  For awhile she was pointing at things with her fingers in a pinch, but now she just points.

Talisa's finger-pinch type point which has now developed into just regular pointing

Talisa’s finger-pinch type point which has now developed into just regular pointing

PLAY – Talisa’s biggest new interest this month is BOOKS! Before all she was interested in doing was chewing on them (which is still a very big interest) and throwing them.  One day this month she picked up a book and Naren (again) tried reading it to her.  To our surprise she sat through the whole thing and handed it to Naren to read AGAIN!    Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss is her favorite.   And there are two specific books (Goodnight Moon and Time for Bed) that I read to her at bedtime each night right before turning out the lights.  It’s such a pleasure seeing her suddenly have an interest in books.  She’ll even look at them herself, flipping through the pictures and trying to “read” them.

Reading a book to herself

Reading a book to herself

Svara reading a book to Talisa.  I love these moments!

Svara reading a book to Talisa. I love these moments!

In addition to reading, she started showing affection to Svara’s baby dolls this month, which is sooo sweet to watch.  Here is a photo from the first night when she spontaneously picked up the baby doll and began patting it, rocking it, kissing it, etc.  It was so adorable!



Some of her other favorite things to play with are: remote controls, handphones, and anything else she isn’t really supposed to be playing with 😉  She also likes taking all of the Mega Blok legos out of the container, shaking any noise-making toys, playing peekaboo, throwing balls, and of course pulling Svara’s hair.

SKILLS – some of the skills Talisa has been working on this month are walking, eating by herself with a spoon (not very successful, but she wants to try!), climbing upstairs AND downstairs, pointing, talking, baby signing, dancing, climbing on and OFF the bed, and more.

FOOD – Talisa nurses before every nap, before bed, and a few times at night as well.  Usually she would nurse when she wakes up from a nap, but she is starting to drop that feeding most of the time.  When she wakes up, she is ready to PLAY!  I guess that’s why she is still nursing at nights most of the time, she still needs the nutrition.   As for table food, here are some of the things Talisa is eating these days: cooked egg yolks, cucumbers, frozen blueberries, homemade banana/coconut based popsicles, crackers, bread, pasta, cooked carrots, soft tofu, nut/date bars, raisins, stems of green veggies, oatmeal, bananas, other fruits, and more.  She is a pretty willing eater.  She doesn’t eat a LOT at one sitting, but she is always willing to try new things.  Some meals are only 1-2 bites, while other meals are up to 1/2 cup of food.  I don’t stress about her eating, just offer and let her eat what she wants.  I try to sneak in more nutrient/good fat dense foods into her meals like adding coconut milk and/or avocado to her banana popsicles, adding ground nuts or nut butters to different foods, etc.

Enjoying an avocado chocolate fudgesicle!

Enjoying an avocado chocolate fudgesicle!

SLEEP – Hm… well, I guess the main development in the past month is that she is now taking 2 naps a day regularly.  There will be the odd day if she has teething pain or something when she will take 3 shorter naps.  But the rest of the time it’s two, which makes planning our days a bit easier.  Nights, however, still elude me.  We start the bedtime routine at about 8 o’clock.  By about 9 o’clock I am nursing her and putting her to sleep.  She goes to sleep quite well.  After I nurse her I give her her cloth and pacifier and lay her in her crib.  She rolls about a bit and falls asleep (sometimes faster than other times).  But she wakes up every 1-3 hours all night long.  Some nights it’s every hour the whole night.  Other nights I get three 3 hour chunks which is great.  Two nights this past month she even slept almost 5 hours in a row for the first stretch of night!!  Then we have nights like last night where she goes to bed at 9, wakes up at 9:30 and won’t go to sleep again until midnight.  What is UP???  Sometimes it’s that she wants to nurse, sometimes it’s teething pain, sometimes who knows.  I think I’m going to try for an earlier bedtime to see if that suits her better.

GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT – no doctor appointments this month, so no weigh-in.  I finally have to snap her diapers on one looser snap setting, so there has been some growth I know.  And she now has TWO bottom teeth!  I can see the top ones developing under the gums and I think they are bothering her some days, but nothing peeking yet.  And her hair is finally starting to grow a bit! Her bald spot in the back is all covered up and she gets some little wispy curls when her hair is slightly damp. I thought she had quite a bit of hair when she was born, but it never grew until this past month.




My little daredevil likes to climb onto the bed, sit down, and then throw herself backwards and laugh hysterically!

My little daredevil likes to climb onto the bed, sit down, and then throw herself backwards and laugh hysterically!


Well, I’m sure there is more that I have forgotten, but I need to post this before Talisa wakes up from yet another nap.  She turned 11 months a week ago and already I have several new things to add to her next update!  She is growing TOO fast!!




6 thoughts on “Talisa – 11 Month Update

  1. And I thought I had trouble! Yours is on the move so early! My little guy just figured out stairs too and he always scurries straight for them. I haven’t allowed him to go down yet because he tries head first and I’m afraid he’ll fall. Is Miss Talisa going down head or bottom first?

  2. She’s going down bottom first. She started trying head first, but hr realized that didn’t work too well (I let her try but I had my hands around her). Then she learned how to scoot off the bed backwards and she applied that same logic to going down the stairs. She’s too smart!

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