I sure haven’t done a very good job of blogging this past month! I have actually wrote several blog posts in my head. But finding the time to borrow Naren’s computer has been difficult. And when I do find the time to use it I am usually scrambling to get work things done, not blogging. So I have finally enabled the “post by email” feature on wordpress so that I can just email in a few blog posts here and there. I find that the time that I usually get to browse the web and write emails is while I am waiting for Talisa to fall asleep for her naps and bedtime. I get her ready, nurse her, and place her in her crib. Sometimes she’ll drift off in a few minutes. Other times she’ll toss and turn, chat for awhile, and finally fall asleep. Still other times I need to pick her up several times, maybe nurse her more. The process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to more than an hour. So while she’s falling asleep, I sit on the bed with my iPad. I kind of consider it my personal time. Yes, I have to attend to Talisa on and off, but it’s generally quiet and Svara knows not to come in unless there is some emergency.

Another reason why I haven’t found time to blog is that my carpal tunnel syndrome acted up again a few weeks back. For about 2 weeks it was extremely painful to do anything. Not much fun! I now have use of my hand again (thanks to a wrist brace, self-acupressure and homeprhic remedies), but I still try not to do TOO much. I also keep getting a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder blade the past few weeks, which doesn’t help either. I don’t know if I’m just sleeping wrong or what. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I have to pry myself out of bed 3-10 times each night when Talisa wakes up.

It is bedtime now and so far it’s been about half an hour. Talisa is just about asleep, but not quite. Svara and I are having a girlie movie night after Talisa goes to sleep. She requested The Swan Princess, which neither of us have seen yet. We’ll make popcorn, lemonade, and I already made a pan of brownies (my all-time favorite fudgy brownies from Vive La Vegan by Dreena Burton!). Should be a fun evening 🙂


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