Talisa’s First Birthday Party


A month after Talisa’s birthday I finally  managed to post about her actual day that we celebrated as a family.  But I never got around to posting about her party!  So here is a little recap along with some photos!

We had an afternoon tea-time party with some family and friends.  Not too big.  Of course there had to be balloons!  Naren’s parents and sister picked out this gorgeous dress for her to wear for her part, so she was quite the elegant birthday girl!  For the snacks I made two types of hummus, three types of pita bread, vegetarian sausages, and we had watermelon, fruit salad, and cut veggies.  It was simple, but good!

balloons balloons2 balloons3

As usual I made the birthday cake myself.  It was two layers of chocolate and one layer of raspberry.  With raspberry buttercream in the middle and chocolate buttercream covering.

cake cake2

After the party we tried to get Talisa to sit among her gifts, but as you can see she didn’t have much interest in them!  So we had fun opening them for her.  Her favorites were books!

gifts silhouette


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