Talisa – 17 Months

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talisa laughing at svara


My baby is quickly turning into a toddler and little girl. At this age she is still a baby in so many ways, but she is also growing in SO many ways EVERY day. I don’t have access to my photos at the moment, but I wanted to make sure to write this post anyway! So here is a rundown on where Talisa is these days!

COMMUNICATION – Talisa is a little talker! She still uses some baby signs, but some of them have been given up since she can easily say the word. But she has also made up some of her own baby signs! Unfortunately it’s not as easy for us to know what her made up signs mean. For example, one of her self-made signs is tapping on hand on the back of her other hand. She makes this sign whenever she hears a loud hammering type sound from neighbors doing renovation. Obviously the sign means that sound, but I’m so curious to know why she made the sign like that and what exactly it means to her! She is saying new words every single day, and even 2 word sentences sometimes.

PLAY – Her play preferences haven’t really changed since the last update.  Books are still her number 1 favorite ‘toy’.  She’ll sit and look at books for quite some time by herself, or bring us books and cuddle up next to us so we’ll read them.  She likes to grab a book, roll onto her back, and page through it.  And it doesn’t have to be a baby book.  A novel, a cookbook, anything with pages will do!  Shape sorters and stacking toys are still favorites as well.  She sometimes makes little dolls and animals ‘talk’ which is pretty darn cute!  She likes dumping things out and putting them back in.

Talisa reading

SKILLS – Lots more climbing going on these days!  She’ll climb onto a stool, stand up, and then get back down by herself.  She likes stepping into boxes and baskets as well.  She is working on learning how to feed herself with a spoon.  Usually the spoon/fork goes into her mouth upside down, but it’s starting to improve a bit!

FOOD – Not much has changed here lately. She is still basically eating what we do (minus the spicy foods and still no chocolate or oranges or dairy).  She likes tofu, plain rice, soups, blueberries, toasted sandwiches, hummus on crackers, cookies, and much more.  Oh, and ice chips!

SLEEP – I mentioned last time that her molars were starting to come in.  She’s still working on them.  And not only molars, but her incisors and canines as well.  That’s a lot of teeth!  Going on 2 months of straight teething.  I haven’t been able to put her down to sleep awake for this whole time.  It has sadly become the new norm to nurse her to sleep and gently put her in her crib.  I have never had to nurse/hold her to sleep for this long before.  As soon as these teeth finish coming in (it seems like one breaks through every 1-3 weeks and each molar is a 2 week ordeal by itself) I HOPE HOPE HOPE she gets back to her old routine of nursing, then into the crib to settle herself to sleep.  If she doesn’t I’ll have to urge her in that direction.  And now that she’s much more opinionated that’ll be interesting…   So yeah, still the old good nights are 2-3 hour stretches and bad nights are 30-90 minute stretches.  And if it’s a night where a tooth is really bothering her she may be awake for 2-3 hours (last night she was awake from 5am-6:45am and then back to sleep until 8.  I don’t let her get up and play anymore when she is awake in the middle of the night.  I try try try to put her to sleep, let her sit on the bed and babble for awhile (in the dark) until she asks to nurse again, etc. etc.  Hoping that helps not turn it into a habit!  It seems to be happening less than before (crossing fingers).  She is down to one nap a day except for the very odd day here and there if she wakes up early and had a rough night of teething.

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT – As I mentioned, she has a lot of teeth coming in one after the other!  At last check (it’s hard to get a good look!) 3 molars are through along with 2-3 of her second incisors.  The canines aren’t through yet, but I think they are on their way.

She is growing taller!  I haven’t measured her, but a couple weeks ago we noticed that she was reaching for the latch on the front door and she was about an inch away from reaching it.  Today she reached it and opened the door, eeps!  Now we have to keep the front door locked 😛  So she’s definitely growing!  Her hair is growing as well, all funny and curly and adorable.  I hope to post some good photos soon!


Finally a photo of the teeth!

talisa dirty look

Talisa giving her “dirty look” to Svara. She thinks it’s hilarious!



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