Kian – 6 Months


3 years, it has actually been nearly 3 years since I’ve updated the blog! Crazy I know. I like to keep the blog to look back on and it’ll be fun for the kids to look back on as well,. It’s a bit daunting starting back when I’ve been away so long, but here goes!

We now have 3 kids! Our little boy, Kian Akela Naresh, was born on December 19th, and has just turned 6 months old.  I’ll share some photos of him over the months and give a little update on how he is doing now.

I had a fairly quick, quite painful, natural delivery. No complications, but it did take me almost three weeks to recover enough to feel remotely normal, ugh! Kian was my biggest baby at 3.8kg.

His sisters have loved him from day one!

From birth he looked a lot like Talisa did. He had the longest hair of any of the kids, just a tad longer than Talisa’s was. Like Talisa, his hair hasn’t grown since birth, it has just thinned out a bit so now it looks brown compared to how dark it looked at birth.

Here is one of the only photos of him with a pacifier, as he never took to them the way the girls did. The good thing is that I don’t have to worry about bringing one everywhere we go and keeping it clean and popping it back in his mouth throughout the night. The downside is that it takes more effort to get him to sleep since he doesn’t have that aide.

My sister made this sick monkey onesie for Talisa, and the monkey is Talisa’s as well.

Full house!

Kian has always enjoyed a good chest nap!

Here is a nice photo of all the kids at Naw-Ruiz, our Baha’i new year.

It was hard catching Kian’s sweet pouty mouth, this was the best we could manage. Just makes me want to squeeze him and kiss those cheeks!

He loves going for “airplane rides”, it’s a sure way to make him smile eve if he’s cranky.

Kian was a swaddled sleeper, just like Talisa. It helped him nurse peacefully and stay asleep. I had to stop swaddling him at 4 1/2 months because he was rolling over even when swaddled, yikes! It hasn’t been as easy for him to stay asleep since then. He used to have a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep in the beginning of the night, but not since stopping the swaddle, ugh.

There were and still are many days when he takes a nap on me in order to get in a good nap and allow me to have a nap as well. 

Svara begged for months to carry Kian. Finally when he was steady enough we let her carry him sometimes. Now at 6 months she says he is getting way too heavy, haha!

Kian loves giving big slobbery kisses to me and the girls. But he knows he’ll get prickly whiskers from Naren, so he doesn’t give him many kisses, haha.

Kian started rolling around 4 months, and at almost 5 months started trying to crawl. For almost a month all he could manage was to move backwards, which made him MAD! He would grumble and complain the whole time he was scooting backwards. Finally about two weeks before turning 6 months he started figuring out how to move forwards. He has the legs okay, he hops onto his knees and rocks back and forth. But he doesn’t have the arms worked out, so he basically throws himself forward, plopping his arms behind before getting onto his knees and hands to repeat. It’s funny, like a seal flopping around.

Kian is a pretty smiley boy, except when he’s cranky, which is also fairly often! It’s like he’s mad that he’s a baby. He wants to walk, talk, eat, and use all the big kid and groom up stuff, NOW!

Often he wants to be held, but Naren and I are both busy. Baby carrier to the rescue!

The exersaucer, which we bought for Svara when she was a baby, is the first place he plays after waking from a nap. He’s usually happy to play there for about 20 minutes while I get some things done. If he’s too cranky I just give him an icecube in his baby mesh feeder and he’s good for 10 minutes or so.

Kian enjoys sitting in the high chair during mealtimes, but he wishes he could get st everything on the table! He’s not a big fan of his food yet. He liked oats, but it seemed to make him throw up and give him a rash around his mouth, so I’ll wait a bit before trying that again. He’ll eat a few bites of puréed banana. He doesn’t much care for pumpkin. He’ll play with a few grains of rice. Time to try some new foods! Fresh apple gave him hives.

But who needs food when you have yummy toes!

Teeth! Kian got his two bottom teeth at 5 1/2 months, which is several months earlier than the girl’s got teeth. Told you he wants to grow up too fast!! 

Kian is a sweetie and we all adore him. He has, of course, added a level of chaos to the house, as all babies do. We managed through the first 5 months before starting to settle into a nap and bedtime routine. Now he usually takes 3 naps a day and starts going to sleep by 8:30pm. Sometimes he’ll nap for 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. Sometimes I have to hold him, sometimes he’ll stay asleep when I put him down. Some nights are better than others, the past few nights have been really rough. Maybe the 6 month growth spurt or maybe teething again, who knows! Some nights he wakes up 2-3 times, other nights every hour. Often I give up at some point and fall asleep in the arm chair with him on the nursing pillow (it’s nice and secure). I know these months are fleeting, so I try not to fuss too much. I do feel bad for the girls sometimes, though, as so much of my time has been spent putting Kian to sleep!! They are both a big help, though.

I think I’ll stop here for now. I just managed to put Kian down (yay for WordPress on the iPad or I would never get work done!). Hopefully I’ll manage to get back into semi regular blogging!

2 thoughts on “Kian – 6 Months

  1. I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years!! Time flies!

    You have a beautiful family and what a sweet and adorable new baby boy!

    I really love having a boy. I’m glad I got to experience a son. At first I didn’t know what I’d do with a boy, but he fits right in and is so well-loved! ❤

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