Kian – 7 Months


Kian turned 7 months last week, and what a month it was!  From the time he turned 6 months to the tine he turned 7 months he learned to:

  • Fully crawl on hands and knees
  • Pull up to standing on us, the couch, in the crib
  • Walk along the couch
  • Get to a sitting position
  • Climb stairs! (He climbed three stairs and then tried to turn around)
  • Sit securely by himself

And now there is no stoping him! He is practicing standing without holding anything now. He thinks he is suc a big boy!! He got two more teeth this month as well, so now he has 4 chompers.

Eating – This is not Kian’s favorite yet. He is eating more solids than he was a month ago, but it’s still usually just a few bites per meal. He loves mango and enjoys other fruits as well such as watermelon, plums, sometimes bananas. If fruit touches his cheeks, though (especially apple) he gets a rash. I fed him smoothie from a spoon an it got all over his face so he got eczema which is slowly going away. He’ll eat a few bites of soft cooked veggies and bean burgers. He won’t eat his oatmeal at all which is a bummer. I tried making it into some cookies with banana, but that didn’t go over well either. I’ll have to try something else. He likes homemade banana/oat bread, so maybe I’ll add some of his baby cereal to that, although like anything he only eats a few bites anyway!

Sleep – The past couple months have been pretty horrid in the sleep department. He was waking more and more often, and often waking soon after I put him in the crib. But he was also teething so I couldn’t really do anything about it. So I ended up sleeping in the armchair holding him on the nursing pillow (it’s a nice secure position) for most of every night. I would try to stay awake to put him in the crib after nursing, but I was so sleep deprived that I couldn’t help but fall asleep! Not even Netflix or Facebook could save me. So after his teeth came in, I decided something had to be done! So after nursing him for the night I put him in his crib. He cried of course. I stayed in the room, laid him down periodically, sat by the crib patting him and singing his lullaby quite a bit, etc. he yelled and cried for hours before finally sleeping. I did let him nurse once every hour to soothe him, soothe his throat, etc. I wanted him to know he had to go to sleep in his crib, but I wasn’t abandoning him. It was hard hearing the crying, but he had to learn. And he did! It took 4-5 nights before he would stay asleep after his first night feeding and not cry in the crib, but it only took that first night before he would nurse and go back to sleep in his crib for middle of the night feedings. So now I nurse him at bedtime, let him doze off in my arms, and put him in the crib. If he wakes up I’ll pat him a bit. During the night he’ll wake up 2-4 times to nurse. He falls asleep while nursing and then he stays asleep when I put him in his crib. Much better! And since he is not waking up 6-8 times, I am able to stay awake during his feeding and not fall asleep in the armchair! After the first 2-3 better nights I was still feeling very woozy and lethargic all day, kind of like I was extremely jet lagged. My body had to get used to getting more than 1-2 hours of sleep at a time! Now I get at least one 3-4 hour chunk, whew!! And another one or two 1-3 hour chunks. It’s doable for now!

Kian loves his sisters! Svara is a big helper in watching him if needed while I prepare a meal. Talisa is great at entertaining him as well. I do have to make sure someone else is around when Talisa is playing with him (unless he’s in the exersaucer) as age can be a bit rough trying to pull him around. He is so mobile, yet still needs to practice balance, so we have to follow him around closely!

Other things he loves to do – blow raspberries, stick out his tongue, play peekaboo and clapping games, listen to Enya, take baths

He does not like – getting his diaper changed (wrestling match every time!), getting dressed, when I leave the room

That’s it for his 7 month update. He learned so much this past month, I hope he takes a break and chills more this month!!


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