Who Looks Like Who?

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One of the fun things about having babies is seeing who they look like.  So here are some photos, let me know who you think looks like who!  Top left is Svara, top right is Talisa.  Bottom left is Naren and bottom right is myself.

baby collage


In general Svara looks more like my side of the family (most like my youngest sister, actually), while Talisa looks more like Naren.  Except Svara has Naren’s nose and I think Talisa has mine (though Naren says it’s too early to tell but I’m pretty sure!)  Also both Svara and Talisa have the bigger Indian eyes!  But they both have little mouths, from my side of the family.   What do you think??

Talisa – 5 Month Update

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My cheery little boo-boo is 5 months old already!  Actually it was 5 days ago, so I figure I better get this update done before she turns 6 months old!  The days just seem to rush by!


Stats – she is following her growth curves.  About 25% on the charts for her head, about 50% for height and about 60% for weight.  I’m not sure exactly what her weight is since Naren was the one who took her to the scales and he couldn’t remember 😛  They write it on our chart, but we misplaced the little chart book they let us take home, they are preparing a new one for us to pick up next time.  


She has seemed to go through a growth spurt 1-2 weeks ago.  She was nursing EVERY hour during the day for almost 2 weeks, eeks!!  I could tell by the end of that growth spurt that she had gotten a little extra chub, especially on her cute thighs!

Blowing Raspberries!

Blowing Raspberries!


Blowing raspberries continues to be one of her favorite sounds.  One night she was blowing raspberries for HOURS in her crib.  I was sooooo ready to sleep.  Speaking of…

SLEEP – This has seemed to be a crazy month for sleep.  In the beginning of the month she had gone back to being easy – just lay her down in her crib, give her pacifier once in awhile if she dropped it, and she’ll quietly go to sleep.  But that only lasted 1-2 weeks, until her growth spurt started.  Since then it’s all about being held.   Plus she’s not going to bed in the evenings these days.  She takes 2-5 naps a day (2 if they are 2-3 hours each, but normally her naps are less than an hour with maybe one 2 hour nap each day if I’m lucky). Then she gets tired sometime between 7-8 o’clock, depending on when her previous nap was (she stays awake 1-2 hours between naps).  That is Svara’s time to get ready for bed as well, so we all shower, get ready, and I put Talisa to bed.  She goes to sleep…. for about half an hour 😛  Just long enough for me to do Svara’s beditme routine.  Then she’s awake for awhile, sometimes until 11 or 12, or even 1am a couple times!!  Crazy!!  Then she still wakes up 2-3 times during the night to nurse (but she’ll USUALLY go right back to sleep now, whew!).  She’s up for the day sometime between 7-9am, depending on when she went to bed.   So I’ve been going to bed pretty late these days.  Of course tonight she went to sleep for “good” at 10pm, but I’m down here on the computer and it’s already midnight 😛

Up until now Talisa has been swaddled for every nap and every bedtime.  We even tried getting her to sleep without it since she had learned to roll over, but she really needed it. But a couple weeks ago she started to REALLY fight being swaddled.  So just like that she gave it up!  She’s now in a sleep sack or footie pajamas and does just fine.  The only problem is that now she turns over really easily (she never tried to turn over while swaddled) and when she gets on her stomach she wakes up.  So we put her sleep positioner back in her crib (it’s like two little bolster pillows attached with fabric between them.  So when I put her in she turns on her side, puts her leg over one side of the pillow, and sleeps.  It’s pretty cute 🙂

One of the last times she slept all swaddled up. Such a sweet sleeping face!

One of the last times she slept all swaddled up. Such a sweet sleeping face!

Now sleeping with no swaddle!

Now sleeping with no swaddle!

Late one night I thought she was asleep and I was doing some last minute surfing on my ipad in bed.  I hear her, turn over, and I see THIS!  It was definitely time to raise the side of the crib higher!

Late one night I thought she was asleep and I was doing some last minute surfing on my ipad in bed. I hear her, turn over, and I see THIS! It was definitely time to raise the side of the crib higher!



FOOD – Talisa is still fully breastfed, but she is getting SO interested in our food! She moves her mouth and tries to grab onto our food/our hands when we are eating.  We’ve given her a few licks of apple and watermelon, and today I gave her a couple grains of rice during lunch.  I also froze some breastmilk as icecubes and put them in a baby mesh-feeder thing, she liked that.  I was going to wait until 6 months to start solids, but if she has her way we might give her a few this month We’ll see!  I was looking forward to another month of not having to rinse out poopy diapers (for those who don’t know, when you do cloth diapers and your baby is fully breastfed you don’t have to rinse them, the washer takes care of everything.  Once you start baby on solids, the poopy diapers need to be rinsed out before putting them in the diaper pail).  We are going to IKEA this week to hopefully buy a high chair (we sold Svara’s years ago) this week.  I think Talisa will really enjoy sitting with us at the table.

PACIFIER – Talisa uses her pacifier for sleeping, and for when we are out of the house, but not usually otherwise.  I think this is good, hopefully it’ll be easier to wean her from it if she doesn’t use it all day long (I think…)  She loves chewing on her fist and also sucking her thumb sometimes.

PLAYING – Talisa is more and more interested in her toys.  She’s a lot better at grabbing now.  She can stay in her exersaucer for 10-20 minutes, depending on her mood.  Usually I put her in there next to Svara and me while we are at the table either doing school stuff, art projects, etc.  Then when she gets tired of it it’s time for group playtime!  She adores Svara!  Svara can make her laugh by making funny faces, noises, jumping up and down, etc.  And she loves it when Svara sings to her, it’s sweet 🙂    We have to continually work on Svara being gentle with the baby, but I guess that’s pretty common. She is so loving, but doesn’t always realize how fragile babies are!

Sisters playing together.  Talisa naturally thinks Svara's hair is great for grabbing!

Sisters playing together. Talisa naturally thinks Svara’s hair is great for grabbing!

Talisa LOVES when we put one of her swaddle blankets over her play gym.  She thinks it's the greatest.  And if Svara comes in her tent?  Even better!

Talisa LOVES when we put one of her swaddle blankets over her play gym. She thinks it’s the greatest. And if Svara comes in her tent? Even better!


MOBILITY – Not much change from last month yet.  She is still doing her “crunches” every day, all day.  She rolls over onto her tummy easily, and she’ll stay there for a few minutes now and play/smile before starting to whine and want to turn back over.  But when I turn her onto her back again she’ll soon roll to her belly again.  She cannot sit up by herself, but with some support she can.  But she doesn’t like to stay in a sitting position for very long.  She prefers standing!!  We joke that she’s always “planking” because she stiffens out her legs if we try to make her sit so that she’s standing instead.

TRAVEL – This month we got out of the house much more often!  My brother, Xander, was visiting from the US for a couple weeks (I’ll do another post on that soon!).  We spent two nights away in the city of Malacca, and did several day trips as well.  Sometimes only Naren and Xander went, or Svara tagged along as well.  But there were several trips when we all went which was fun.  Talisa didn’t do too badly, as she still falls asleep in the wrap if she needs to. Thank goodness for this wrap!  I only used a sling when Svara was a baby.  Slings are great, but can be hard on the one shoulder.  My back tends to start hurting after awhile.  But I can wear a wrap for hours with no back pain, yay!

My brother, Xander, visited us for a couple weeks during this month, I'll post more photos in another post.  So it was a pretty big traveling month for Talisa!

This is from our trip to Malacca!

Me, 5 months postpartum:

Not many changes this month.  Still slowly losing weight.  Actually I wasn’t losing much weight until her growth spurt, then I lost a couple more pounds  haha.  I’m down to 56 or 57kg.  It’s hard to tell with my imprecise scale, but somewhere around there.    I haven’t tried on any more pants besides that one pair of jeans.  But it IS easier to fit on these past couple weeks.  So in a couple more weeks I’ll try some more jeans and see if they fit.  No exercise yet, eep!  I really have been meaning to, but always find one excuse or another.  Once again, the month went by super FAST!

Svara’s Surfboard

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This is a guest post by Naren, originally posted on his facebook page.  I just had to share it!


Svara surfboard

Another proud moment as a father

My first born is now 5 years old and my wife and I are witnessing her growth in many ways. We really endeavor to parent her the best possible way so that her character shapes her into a person who will have depth, humility and someone who can understand what are the more important things in life and to be able to truly make wise choices but more importantly how to

 make the best out of life with what we have while pursuing excellence. We also want her to truly understand that she can choose to be happy even if she does not have everything in the world or the fact that we choose not to give everything she desires with ease. Our recent trip to the orphanage is among some of the various practical activities we are using to help Svara understand and value life. We just don’t want her to turn into a spoilt brat
Svara has attended many birthday parties and has playtimes with her friends and many times she has played with toys that she does not have. Sometimes she sighs and whines about how she wished she had a particular toy that her cousin has or she had played with at her friend’s but each time we consistently and patiently explain to her why we were not going to buy her that toy. Svara already has many toys but at this age, a child can be so easily swayed especially when she witnesses the parents of other children just buy anything the child wants especially when the child uses the oldest trick in the book and that is the “cry”. Parents can cave in so easily and most of the time it is because they feel there is just too much work to put in to deal with. They always seem to want the short and easiest way out. This has dire consequences in the future.
Honey and I have been witnessing a lot of improvement and progress with Svara in terms of her attitude. She still struggles with many things but what truly makes us happy is the fact that she really tries to be better. Yesterday I witnessed something truly profound. Last weekend, my daughter attended my niece’s 5th birthday bash. It was a beach party Hawaian theme big celebration at the Renaissance KL. There were so many fun activities and gifts for all the children. My daughter really loves the beach and water activities(Which kid doesn’t?) She was really drawn to the surf board. This has been the sequence of how her reactions have developed and changed over time which I am really amazed at:
1.Usually if she saw something really cool, she would want one for herself too 2.As time passed, she moved on to asking our permission if we can buy her the same toy
3.As more time passed, she asked if we can buy her the same toy for her birthday
4.Her latest effort to obtain something she wants was to save money from her allowance and buy it herself. She patiently waits to save enough. She even attempted to get a job from her grandma once.

Yesterday she went up to my wife and asked her if she can use one of the cardboard boxes we have in our storage and cut out a surf board from it. She decorated the surf board, put on her swimsuit and she was surfing in the living room, proudly showing me all her trick moves that she had learned at the party. It would have been only natural for her to ask me for a surf board at this tender age but the fact that she came to this decision and make the best out of it truly warms my heart. She can think, she can understand.I know for a fact that we are imperfect parents trying our best to raise our child right but catching moments like these gives me the confidence that we are headed in the right direction and I hope and pray that God guides us along the way especially for a clumsy father like me. My cup truly runneth over 🙂

Svara Surfoard 2
Svara Surfboard 3

Talisa – 2 Month Update

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Talisa Grace is two months old. Sadly I have not done a weekly journal for her the way I did for Svara after she was born. So this post will have to be a catch up about her first two months and then hopefully I can at least manage a monthly journal for her!

Talisa – 2 weeks old

Talisa has been a pretty laid back baby since day one. For the first couple weeks it seemed like all she did was sleep all day. I had to wake her up for almost every feeding (except at night, then she managed to wake up by herself). I tried my best to soak up every newborn moment, knowing how fleeting they are. I watched as her eyelashes grew out (one of the most magical things I think!) and as she made the million funny faces that newborns do. Svara fell in love with Talisa from the moment she saw her. Every morning she comes into our room to greet her sister. Naren and I now play second fiddle to Svara’s morning hugs and kisses.

TIny newborn feet!

I am fortunate this time round to have some good, large, thin cotton muslin swaddling blankets (bought on etsy). Talisa loves being wrapped up all cozy to sleep. After the first 3 weeks she started not napping as well during the day. We had to either hold her or put her in the sling. As soon as she was set down she’d wake up within 10 minutes. One day I decided to try swaddling her for her naps as well. Bingo! Now I can put her to sleep and set her down and she’ll stay asleep. Now at 2 months she usually has a long morning nap, a short midday nap and a long late afternoon/evening nap. Some days are messed up, but it’s getting more regular.

6 weeks old

Nights are still up in the air, but getting better. Over the past two months her “long” night stretch has increased from 3 hours to about 6 hours. Which is pretty good! But I never know if her long stretch is going to start at 8pm or if she is going to be in an on/off sleep/play mode until after midnight.

awake in the middle of the night!

After the first month Talisa started giving us real smiles. Her first smiles were for Svara. Now at 2 months she smiles for all of us and likes to talk and try to laugh as well. One of her happiest times is after she wakes up in the morning and nurses. She lays on the bed just grinning away and talking with her cute little baby sounds. When Svara comes in and joins us her voice goes up in volume. She seems to already adore her sister!

baby smiles!

So far Talisa has been a quiet baby. She usually only cries if she’s hungry or has a dirty diaper that we haven’t changed quickly enough. Even when she wakes up and wants to eat she doesn’t start by crying. She just fusses a bit, wiggles around, and makes little grunty noises. If I am not in the room and don’t hear her wake up she’ll start crying.


During the first couple of weeks we didn’t have to do anything special to get Talisa to sleep. She would just conk out when she was tired, which was almost always! After that we started having to rock her, walk with her, or put her in the sling to get her to sleep sometimes. If not in the sling she was in the swaddle. We didn’t really bother during the day to do this, but to get her back to sleep between night feedings we did. After one month we decided to finally try a pacifier. I didn’t really want to because I hate when they are older and want the pacifier back in the middle of the night but can’t reach it themselves. Svara drove me crazy with that! But I was tired of all the rocking, walking, and shifting in the middle of the night so we bought a couple. It has definitely helped her settle to sleep faster and more peacefully. So far she’s okay for the rest of her sleep stretch without it, I’ll see what happens over the next few months.

FIrst layer of the double swaddle, ready for bed!

I haven’t really taken out all of the baby toys yet, but I will soon. I have the baby playmat with a few hanging toys, she likes to lay there for a short while each day. And a friend gave her a Lamaze toy caterpillar which she loves looking at. If she’s fussy all I have to do is hold that up so she can see it and she starts smiling 🙂

LOVE these chubby cheeks!

As far as growth goes, she has been doing well so far! On the growth charts she started out a little below average (3.3kg) and at 1 month was a bit above average (4.5kg). We haven’t gone for her 2 month checkup yet since she is due for a vaccination and we have a cold so I wanted to postpone it.

Sock monkey suit handpainted from Aunty Saffy!

I love that Talisa’s personality is starting to come through. She seems to have a happy, peaceful, and easy going nature. I can’t wait to see how she blooms!in the meantime I will soak up every moment of my 2 month old sweetie 🙂

2 months today and finally got that thumb in her mouth!

Parental Evolution

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One of the hardest things about parenting is that when you are a parent you  constantly have to change your parenting to suit your child’s growing needs.  And it’s not always apparent that the needs have changed until things start getting out of hand!

When an infant cries it’s because they have a need.  They need to be fed, held, changed, etc.  When an older infant cries they often need comforting.  They are overwhelmed, frustrated, and have needs as well.  They cannot fully express what they are feeling.

I have always done my best to respond to Svara’s cries lovingly and with understanding.  However, as she has gotten older this has sometimes led to me feeling used, resentful, and not very caring.

Point in case, bedtime.

Our nighttime routine is shower, pajamas, stories, prayers, nurse, lullabies, then I put on her music and say goodnight.  Ideally she will then fall asleep without needing me further.  However, she will sometimes come to the door and call for me to change her diaper.  Fine.  I change her diaper.  She asks me to hold her.  I hold her.  She asks me to sing again.  I sing again.  She lets me leave.



I say no more singing.

She cries and cries and won’t calm down until I sing.

I feel used.  I feel resentful.  I get angry.

Naren has more than once kindly talked to be about giving in too much to Svara.  I wasn’t sure.  I want to be firm, but kind, but also not ignore true needs.  But I decided to give it a try and be more firm.

I started with daytime (emotions don’t run so wild during the day).  One of our “issues” was how much Svara wanted to be carried all the time.  She’s three years old.  She’s heavy.  If I sit down she cries and pulls on my neck until I stand up again.  No fun!  I decided no more carrying!   She cried, she screamed, she tried to pull on me but I told her not to.  I stayed calm.  And I noticed something.  She had no tears.  She eventually calmed down enough to accept my terms – I will hold her while sitting down if she wants some comfort, but I will not stand up and walk around carrying her.  And she’s gotten to be okay with it.

So slowly she has been seeing that when I say “no” I mean no and she can go ahead and scream and I will calmly wait for her to be finished and I am there for her, but will not let her manipulate me.

And consequently bedtime has gotten better.  She will still ask me to come up and change her diaper sometimes, if need be, and will sometimes ask me to hold her, but if I tell her that it’s the last time and she now needs to go to sleep, she’s okay with that.  She’ll ask me to come up and turn her music on again if she needs it, but will then let me leave the room peacefully.

Parenting sometimes seems like this big mud puddle.  I want to do what’s best, but I have no idea if what I do is right, if it is the best.  I read parenting books and sometimes they help, but sometimes I just end up feeling more confused.

I guess my biggest accomplishment in all of this is allowing myself to stay calm while Svara expresses her angry emotions.  Previously I would feel guilt when she screamed and cried because I felt as if I was denying her a need.  And of course she does have real needs and I care for her and her needs, but as she has grown older she has wants as well as needs, and I am learning that I do not have to cater to all of her wants.  In fact, it is not healthy to do so.

I have hopes that someday I’ll feel capable in my parenting abilities, but I also know that as Svara grows older and we add more little ones to our family, our parenting will have to continually evolve and change and I’ll never feel completely confident or capable.  But I’ll do my best, and I’m glad to have Naren by my side in this journey to help me find the balance I need at times.

Turning off the TV

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When Svara was a baby she never watched TV.  We didn’t own any baby video DVDs.  Until she was 2 she almost never watched TV.  A home video here and there, that’s about it.  But when she turned two we started letting her watch a video here and there.  She loved Nemo.  She started to enjoy Mr. Rogers.  Eventually we added some Beatrix Potter videos to our “collection”.

When I was pregnant I read a book delving into the complex and controversial topic of whether kids should watch tv or not.  I wish I could remember the title of the book, it was quite good, but I cannot 😦  It was one that I borrowed from school.  Anyway, the findings in the book convinced me that especially for babies and toddlers, TV was not a good option.  That basically they MIGHT gain some knowledge from it, but it is not the knowledge they are ready for.  That the things our babies and toddlers need to be learning first are social and kinesthetic.  Climbing, jumping, talking, eye contact, sharing, feeling, touching, getting messy, etc. etc. etc.  These are the things our brains need to be wired to do first.  I wish I had the book so I could read it again and see what it says for older children, as I have kind of forgotten 😛   But basically it was a “for the most part anti-TV and videogame” sort of book.  I really liked it, though.

Then, as I said, Svara turned two.  As she started watching videos occasionally we (well, probably mostly I, but my husband as well) started relying on videos to help Svara calm down when she was upset.  To get her to easily eat her dinner.  To give her something to “do” while I did housework or did the cooking. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t know what else to do.

But it’s gotten to be too much.  Svara would not eat breakfast at the table, she only wanted to eat it in front of a video.  She would throw a tantrum if I said she couldn’t watch a video.   She wanted to watch a video when she started feeling upset, or when she wanted a snack. She wanted to watch a video if I was busy doing something and couldn’t play with her.  We were limiting her to 2 hours a day, less if possible, but it still seemed like way too much.

What did I do???

Something had to be fixed.  I tried telling Svara no movie in the morning, we had to eat our breakfast together at the table.  Occasionally it worked, often it ended in tantrums and she would then refuse to eat breakfast and be inconsolable.  Not a good start to the day.

So I decided that our TV was going to be “broken”.  I switched it off at the plug point so that the power light wasn’t on and in the morning when Svara asked to see a video I told her the tv was broken. She, of course, asked me to show her that it was broken, so I showed her how it couldn’t be turned on.  She was satisfied and ate breakfast at the table with me.

It’s been about a week and a half.  On two days I showed her one half hour video because of sheer exhaustion on my part, but other than that there has been no tv.

And it’s been good.  Svara has shown more initiative to play on her own. If I go into the kitchen to make supper she’ll sometimes take out the playdough and start playing, or find something else to amuse herself.  This doesn’t last long, but it’s a start. She has never been very good at playing by herself.

And she has stopped asking me whether the TV is broken. She’ll ask if she can watch a show and I’ll say no.  She’ll keep asking for awhile and tell me not to say no, but she’ll eventually accept it.

I don’t think I could get by without her ever watching TV.  There are days when there comes a time when I’m so tired I can’t amuse her and she’s so whiny she won’t amuse herself and it’s Mr. Rogers to the rescue.   But I’m going to use it less.  I’m going to do more art projects, more games, more role playing.

On an end note ,though I couldn’t find the book that I read, I did find this book on Amazon that looks great.


Homeopathy to the Rescue Once Again!

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Oh homeopathy, how I thank you for saving us yet again.

On the day that we arrived back in Malaysia Svara banged her head on the corner of our night table (usually not in a place where she can hit her head, but our bed broke) and she got a little cut on her head.  As usual after a fall/hit, I gave her some arnica.  The owy swelled a bit, but not too much, but it did bleed a little.  She was fine, though, no concussion or anything.  The next few days we focused on jetlag.  Svara was cranky and not sleeping well, but that’s usual for jetlag.

Then I decided it was time for Svara to get rid of her pacifier, so we talked about it for a few days, saying we would go to the store and get her a big girl present when she was ready to give up her pacifiers.  She was excited about that, so we went to the store and picked out a bathtub and accessories for her dolls, and she came home and threw away her pacifiers.

It was a ROUGH time after that.  She missed her pacifiers.  On the third night she actually slept through the night for the first time in.. well… forever.  So I thought we were in the clear.

But it wasn’t any better after that.  She was still waking up several times a night, crying her head off, super cranky all day, bags under her eyes, not taking a nap.  It was NOT a good time.  I thought maybe she was grieving for her pacifiers, but she didn’t ask for them much anymore.

Then yesterday morning (11 days after getting back home) Naren noticed she had a soft swelling on her head, near where she had banged her head that day.  We took her to the doctor, and they said it’ll go away by itself, it’s from the hit on the head.  I remembered a case study from one of my homeopathic books about a baby who was super cranky and the mom thought she was teething, but the teething medicine didn’t work.  then the mom remembered that the crankiness started when the baby had hit its head.  There is a specific remedy great for headaches and other side effects like irritability lingering after a hit to the head.  The mom gave the baby that remedy and the baby calmed down, fell asleep, and was happy again.  I started  thinking maybe Svara was having a headache from that hit to the head.

Naren went and bought the medicine (thank God there is a homeopath here in the city where he can go buy the remedies we need).  I gave it to her yesterday afternoon.    She started being a bit more cheerful.  She went to bed more peacefully. She still woke up twice during the night, but she didn’t scream. She didn’t scream all day today.

::long sigh of relief::

my poor baby had a headache for a week and a half.

I don’t know how much longer she would have had effects from her hit if I hadn’t been able to give her that medicine (natrum sulph by the way).

That’s why once again I am sooooo thankful for homeopathy!

World Breastfeeding Week


I was browsing through some blogs today and accidentally found out that it is world breastfeeding week!  So to honor the occasion, I just wanted to shout it out from my little corner of the blogosphere.

Although breastfeeding is nature’s way of feeding your baby,  is the number one purpose of women’s breasts, and that there are countless benefits to both mother and baby, there are sadly so many conflicting points of view over the matter.  It is so ridiculous and sad how many people feel that it is unnatural, not needed, or indecent.

I’m not talking about mothers who choose to formula feed, for there are many reasons why women do so, and it is every woman’s right to choose.  I’m talking about those people who look down upon mothers who are breastfeeding, who discourage them, who would think you are disgusting for feeding your baby in a public place instead of a dirty toilet stall but who would then watch a movie showing a topless woman and not even blink.

Take a minute to look at this link and see how completely backward some people are:


THANKFULLY, I’ve never had to face the issue of someone telling me to go nurse in private.  Partially because most of the shopping malls around here have nursing rooms.  During those few times I had to nurse in a more public place I was pretty careful to cover up as much as I could, and I never got much of a glance.  Perhaps because my husband was with me, and if anyone ever dared say anything he’d give them more than their two cents  haha!

However, last year when Svara was 17 months old and I had to travel to the US by myself with her, I nursed her MANY MANY times in public.  Waiting for the plane, in the plane, etc.  Nobody said a peep.  Not even when I was seated between two guys for an hour and a  half leg of my trip and Svara nursed the WHOLE time, switching from side to side.  She was in the sling and I was able to cover myself well, but still… and she was always kicking one or other other.  Gotta give those guys props!  I DID offer to take the aisle seat, but the guy said no, so I couldn’t feel too bad about her kicking him…  anyway….  point is, I’m grateful to have only had positive nursing in public experiences!

My sly little girl

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In the past few weeks Svara has started something new.  It began when we got a new spray hose in the downstairs bathroom.  It is within Svara’s reach as she’s sitting on the toilet.  If I put her on the toilet and leave the bathroom I can hear her pressing the lever which sprays the water.  If I stick around the bathroom she asks me to go away.  If I peek back at her while I’m walking away I see her hand go to the hose and she’ll pull it back and say “stand out there Mama”.  As soon as I leave I hear the water.  I never told her she couldn’t spray the hose but I guess she thinks I’ll tell her not to.

A couple weeks later we were at a playdate at a friend’s house.  She found out that the oven in the kitchen had fun knobs and it was low enough for her to reach.  Uh-oh!  I took her out of there several times.  At one point I was standing in front of the kitchen door, at the same time blocking her way and chatting with a friend.  She said “Go there, Mama!” and pointed to the next room.  I had an inkling what she was up to.  I shifted out of the way to see, and sure enough she ran for the kitchen.

Two days ago I bought Svara a new toothbrush.  Usually in the mornings I let her brush her own teeth, but at night I do it first.  Since it was a new toothbrush she wanted to do it.  I said I’ll brush first, then she can.  She said “Mama go to the bathroom?”  I just looked at her, kind of confused.  Then she said “How ‘about….” and pointed to the hamper with her dirty clothes  “Mama put washing machine”  Then I knew, she wanted me to go away so she could brush her teeth herself.  I couldn’t help it, I laughed.  She didn’t appreciate this much and immediately started bawling.  I let her brush first, then I took over and did my job.

Yesterday I was taking pictures and videos of her playing with playdough.  She wanted to see the video, so I played it back on the camera and showed her.  Then she said “Mama go bathroom.”  This time I knew she wanted me to get out of the way for some thing, and it had to be the camera.  So I picked up the camera and said “okay”.  She said “no, put camera on table.  Mama go bathroom.”

Sorry, chica, no can do.

At least this time I avoided the waterworks, I didn’t laugh at her and I just put the camera away and diverted her attention with the playdough.

So… my little girl thinks she can get away with things when Mama is not in the room… oh boy, here we go!

The Right One


As parents we can spend a lot of time picking “the right one”.  The right food, the right clothes, the right toys, the right diapers, the list just goes on and on.  One of the things that I”ve had the most trouble picking the right one of is detergent.  Seems simple, but when you use cloth diapers it’s important to have the right detergent.  It has to not cause buildup on the diapers, and not bother your little one’s tooshie.

If you live in the US, Canada, or Europe you’ve got lots of choices.  Here in Malaysia my choice was always very limited.  It was a pain in the butt dealing with detergent buildup on my pocket diapers, but I didn’t really have a choice and it was still worth it to not use disposable diapers.  I switched to Gro Baby diapers a couple months ago, so I don’t have to worry about buildup causing leaks, but I still have to worry about Svara’s skin sensitivities.  The thing is, I really don’t know if it’s the detergent causing the problems or not.  She has always been prone to diaper rash on and off, but I thought once she was potty trained I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore.  But since she still wears diapers while she’s sleeping I guess it can still be a problem!

There is a new detergent made by the natural baby company (same maker as the Gro Baby diapers) and I can’t wait to give it a try!  It is called Tiny Bubbles.  It will eventually be available here in Malaysia, but since I’ll be visiting the US within the next couple of months I’ll definitely be bringing some back with me.  A lot of people have tried it and love it.  I hope it helps Svara’s rash (unless it is caused by something else other than detergent, which is entirely possible…)